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Sexual Anarchy Versus Biblical Values


Since the Orlando, Florida shooting spree in a club catering to homosexuals, Christian believers have been inundated with overwrought expressions of Islam’s treatment of homosexuals. Admittedly, evil treatment, but events of late have been a tool to push the sex activists’ agenda.

I tire of hearing Sean Hannity’s constant regurgitation of names of Islamic nations that target homosexuals for killing. It is usually in the same breath he includes Islamists’ evil treatment of Christians and women. To lump these disparate groups into one basket reveals how all-pervasive are the inroads sexual anarchists have made into this nation’s psyche. They have threatened and intimidated their way into a forced quasi-acceptance of what is patently unacceptable to normal human beings.

There is no comparison between homosexual behavior and immutable gender (and this factor has nothing to do with the proportionally few gender birth defects some people experience). There is also no comparison between choosing Christianity as a faith and choosing to live a deviant sexual lifestyle. The former Almighty God embraces; the latter He condemns in the gravest of terms.

It is crucial that biblical Christians understand God’s requirements. It does not matter what apostate and lukewarm Christian leaders tell us our response should be to deviant sexual behavior. Nor does it matter how many fellow members of the congregation ignore God’s statements on deviant sexual behavior. We each will stand alone before Almighty God for judgment on how we individually accepted or rejected His requirements regarding deviant sexual behavior.

Based on Scripture, one can draw a sharp distinction between those who “practice” sin and those who sin from inherently flawed, imperfect natures. God has no reason to be merciful if sin is willful, and He has stated He will destroy the willful sinner along with his sin. If we choose to practice sin as willful sinners do, then Christ’s atoning sacrifice is of no account. Among the sexual sins, the Bible includes homosexuality and other deviant orientations, adultery, bestiality (humans copulating with animals), participation in incest, and fornication.

I understand homosexuality and other deviant sexual orientations are psychological disorders (never mind what compromised psychological associations may say given their infiltration by practitioners of such behavior). But sinful disorders must be addressed by seeking spiritual and genuine psychological medical help. Recently, medical researchers presented palpable evidence of the true nature of sexual orientation. The study is, of course, dismissed and vilified by many who support sexual anarchy, but their rejection does not negate the findings. (See links below.)

Many have sought such help and have been delivered from the brokenness of sexual deviancy. Those brave souls are seldom highlighted because they disprove the lie that behavior cannot be changed. Rather than being praised for overcoming their struggles, they are ostracized and demonized by the sex activist community. Doctors and godly ministers who offer aid to those who seek help are hounded into silence. That kind of behavior on the part of activists and their minions is sheer evil, and Almighty God will deal with evil in due time.

Two male relatives of mine died of AIDS-related illness before they reached 50. Consequently, I do not listen to the garbage from the Left when they praise the “LGBT community” as though it is a blessing to society. Donald Trump, as President, will certainly have to ensure protection for all Americans as he declared he would. True Christian leaders, however, must make it clear to him true believers will not succumb to the anarchists’ insistence that we be forced by law to accept their behavior.

They will not be allowed to relegate Judeo-Christianity in America to criminal status, as is their goal. Solid Christians must be ready to fight Trump or any other political operatives who think we must defy God to live in harmony with willful sinners. First-century Christians didn’t and neither should we. Christ does not require such submission to evil. Kim Davis of Kentucky must be our example to follow.

One observation on the twisted views of Islamic males. I’ve read they are given a distorted, sick conception of females at an early age, and they are not allowed to interact with females after a certain age, as they grow into manhood. Christian males and those in Western cultures are allowed this essential interaction. They grow up among the opposite sex. It gives boys a chance to mature in restraint and discipline from God’s Word as they interact with females. They learn to channel natural physical desires in directions God intends.

If the natural, God-given attraction men have for women is stifled or misdirected at an early age, males are likely to be psychologically disordered. Homosexual sodomy and bestiality are only two of many manifestations of emotional disturbance Muslim men, reared under strict Islamist teachings, tend to display. The sexual carnage in Europe perpetrated by Muslim male immigrants is Exhibit A. The world’s leftists cannot sweep that evidence under the rug.

I will never accept that people who choose to sin, who make a deliberative decision to act in direct opposition to God’s will, deserve my sympathy. Yes, we will all stand before God one day in judgment for our individual behavior throughout our lives, but that does not mean true Christian believers cannot and should not condemn behaviors Almighty God abhors, nor should we continue to engage in such behaviors if we ever did. Likewise, we must refuse to embrace people who choose to engage in such behaviors for their own selfish desires or gain, regardless of their embrace of a so-called political “conservatism.”

Article on study of sexual orientation, Almost Everything the Media Tells You About Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Is Wrong

(The article summarizes and provides a link to the actual report, “Sexuality and Gender: Findings from the Biological, Psychological, and Social Sciences”)

© Sylvia Thompson


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