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Two Months ‘Till the Election: Who Should You Vote For?


Let’s get this out of the way. Not that anyone has been waiting for your truly’s announcement, but even so, it needs to be announced. Here it is: Vote for Donald Trump.

There, I said it. It catches in the throat just a little less than it would have a month ago. And before that, I couldn’t have gotten myself to even think it, let alone say it. But that was then. This is now.

And now is the time it needs to be said, as we enter the last two months of the most critical national election in memory (aren’t they all?).

For the few who might have noticed, and the fewer yet who probably remember, not so long ago (Aug. 2) yours truly climbed off the never-trump train to the extent that I suggested you should vote for him if you live in a state that may be in play. Otherwise, my advice was if your state is overwhelmingly blue or overwhelmingly red, you should vote your conscience and write in someone you truly would like to see become president, because, frankly in those lopsided states your vote wouldn’t have any effect on the outcome.

But as the polls draw the race ever closer between Hillary “I never sent an email marked classified” Clinton and Donald “I never had a foot I couldn’t stick in my mouth” Trump, one has to wonder what’s going on. At the rate of weirdness we are experiencing, every state may be in play two months from now. Even California and Texas.

So, if you agree that a vote for Clinton will certainly do serious harm and that a vote for Trump may do serious harm, the choice must be clear: Vote for Trump. There, I said it again. Lord forgive me.

In recent weeks, Trump has made campaign adjustments we Never-Trumpers never anticipated. He’s actually said reasonable things, identified worthy goals and shown a plausible path to achieving them. Go figure.

As a veteran chronicler of presidential races dating to the 1960s, yours truly isn’t naïve. It’s more than likely Trump is the same guy he was before he started saying the good things that are resulting in him pulling close to, if not ahead of, Hillary. He’s getting better advice, and amazingly following it. Who knew?

But he’s still the same guy he was.

The measure of him versus her is not so much who Trump really is. It’s what she really is.

Unless you’ve been hiding in a cave for 40 years, you have come to the same understanding as that admitted by two thirds of the electorate: Hillary Clinton is utterly untrustworthy, or, as William Safire coined it, “a congenital liar.”

Granted, all politicians lie. It’s as true a truism as you can make about the political class. Hillary will tell you that Trump also is dishonest. But there are liars and there are liars.

As the Wall Street Journal’s Kimberley A. Strassel put it, “Listening to Mrs. Clinton—the subject of an FBI investigation, the facilitator of the Crown Prince of Bahrain—on Wednesday drop a line about Mr. Trump’s ‘scams’ and ‘frauds’ was downright amusing. Sort of like watching Al Capone accuse Eliot Ness of having the occasional light beer.”

There you have it. The lesser evil in a nutshell. If you think it wrong to choose a lesser evil, be honest. Look back on the choices since George Washington and tell me which of the winners or losers wasn’t a lesser evil than his opponent? It’s a fallen world.

Hillary has done us all a great service, something that 25 years of Republican bad-mouthers were unable to accomplish. She’s revealed for all to see just how duplicitous, untrustworthy and dangerous she actually is.

Any reasoned, dispassionate assessment of her email scandal, her Benghazi lies, her world-destabilizing stint as secretary of state, her self-serving Clinton Foundation pay for play let alone her passion for embracing the evils of baby-killing, Islamism and sexual deviancy must conclude that the woman would be a horrific president. If elected, which she would regard as a mandate, Clinton is certain to exceed those heights of illegal acts and abuses of power.

Once she ascends to the most powerful position in the world, who is going to stop her? These are certainties.

At least with Trump, the issue isn’t a foregone conclusion. We might yet discover he’s not really lying to us, or that once elected he might be persuaded to do the right thing as he promised in the campaign.

If Clinton is elected, expect the worst. And prepare to live with it because Democrats in Congress and political appointees in the Justice Department would never permit her removal from office. Whom do you think she will name to be her attorney general?

If Trump is elected, expect the unexpected. If he disappoints, we can impeach him. If Trump reverts to the man we suspect he really is, it will be easy to gin up bi-partisan support for his impeachment. Democrats won’t need to be persuaded, and Republicans probably will be gleeful to have the final word on the man who turned their party upside down.

But impeachment of Clinton could never happen.

So, vote for Trump.


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