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Why This Terrorist Powerhouse of the World Is America’s Greatest Enemy

Who is our most dangerous enemy? If you think it’s ISIS, think again, says New York Times bestselling author and director of Jihad Watch, Robert Spencer.

He says Iran poses a greater threat to Israel, the United States, and the West, and he explains why in his latest book called, The Complete Infidel’s Guide to Iran. Here are just a few reasons:

  • Iran is the terrorist powerhouse of the world – made all the more dangerous by the disastrous “nuclear deal” that barely restricts that nation’s nuclear ambitions.
  • The Iranian government is an open enemy of the United States – and of anyone who dissents from Shia Islam.
  • Iran confronts U.S. Navy ships in the Persian Gulf “on a near daily basis.”
  • It executes more of its citizens than any other nation.
  • It is a country torn by hypocrisy – lectured by mullahs, and brutally enforced Islamic religious laws, but rife with alcoholism.
  • Once America’s ally, Iran now claims leadership of the global jihad, and the ayatollahs’ aim is nothing less than world conquest for Islam.

In his extraordinary new book, Spencer reveals:

  •  How the Iranian “nuclear deal” is sheer capitulation to the mullahs, allowing Iran to inspect its own facilities and pursue nuclear weapons,
  •  Iran’s long-standing support for terrorists, including shocking evidence that Iran helped plan the 9/11 attacks,
  •  Why Iran wants nuclear weapons — clue: it’s not about deterrence,
  •  American diplomatic folly — why the Obama administration has grossly underestimated the Iranian threat,
  •  A new grand strategy: how Iran’s Shi’ite terrorism might be contained and its threat to the United States reduced.

The Islamic Republic is already at war with America. If we refuse to recognize that fact, Spencer says we are only falling prey to the mullahs’ campaign of duplicity.

The Complete Infidel’s Guide to Iran exposes the true nature of the threat, lays out what America must do to defeat it, and gives you all the information you need about America’s least understood yet possibly most lethal foe.

Report via CBN News


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