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Historic Louisiana Flooding Could Spark Major Housing Crisis

The historic flooding in Louisiana could spark a major housing crisis, but Operation Blessing is stepping in to provide much-needed aid.

The deadly flood waters have damaged approximately 40,000 houses, leaving many without a place to call home.

Operation Blessing is on the ground providing immediate relief to people like Jacqueline Brown, an elderly disabled woman whose home was destroyed. Her husband is also disabled and could do little to stop the raging floods.

When the powerful flood water started pouring into her house, Brown knew she had to act quickly.

“when I got up I seen it coming towards us fast like a river. It was the river and I told my husband ‘we got to get out,” she says, recalling the experience.

The Browns were able to escape to safety, but when they returned there was nearly nothing left.

The waist-deep water destroyed nearly everything in her house, but Operation Blessing helped salvage what was left.

Despite the record-setting floods, Brown still puts her faith in God.

“When one door closes, another door opens and we’re waiting to see what the Lord is going to give us on this new door that’s coming,” Brown concluded.

Operation Blessing is meeting other needs in Louisiana. Volunteers set up a mobile kitchen to provide hundreds of meals, a shower trailer, emergency supplies, and bedding for the thousands of suddenly homeless Louisiana residents.

Report via CBN News


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