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Conservatism is Dead -or- The Articles I Didn’t Write and Why


I once heard a talk radio personality give the criteria he uses when selecting topics about which to opine. It’s a choice every columnist asks themselves daily. We can’t write about everything, even though we want to. The spirit may be willing but the flesh is weak. We all have some sort of inner filter I suppose.

His litmus test was simple…

Does it need to be said?

Does it need to be said now?

Does it need to be said by me?

Given the deluge of blockbuster headlines recently, choosing has been much more difficult. I decided to write about what I chose not to write about instead- I figured my colleagues have these issues well covered without me.

Here’s the first thing I chose not to write about, yet am now writing about.

Sort of.

1. The Obama Administration’s Increasingly Incestuous Relationship With Iran.

$400 Million in laundered cash delivered in an unmarked aircraft, in the dead of night, to Iranian Officials. A drop which just so happened to correspond with the release of four American prisoners and the removal of 14 Iranians from Interpol’s wanted list.

It looks like ransom and smells like ransom but of course Barry says…

“Those families know we have a policy that we don’t pay ransom,” Obama said. “We do not pay ransom. We didn’t here, and we won’t in the future,”

Yet the released prisoners have made public statements that they were not allowed to leave until the plane carrying the cash was secured. Odd, just like ransom!

Couple this latest incident with the already disastrous Iran Nuclear Deal and you have a highly suspicious transference of wealth and power to the world’s leading State sponsor of terrorism. Hamas and Hezbollah wait in the wings for their cut.

President Obama said during a 2012 speech the “future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

I’m not sayin’… I’m just sayin’…

2. Hillary Clinton’s Open Defiance of Religious Freedom and Abortion Law.

Mrs. Bill Clinton stated that the religious beliefs of Americans must be changed. She further decreed that a Hillary presidency would seek to undo all of the laws restricting abortion and make abortion on demand, without qualification or question, the law of the land. Her diabolical offering to Baal would even include a repeal of the Hyde Amendment, which prevents the Government from using our tax dollars to fund abortions.

3300 unborn are murdered every day. America’s hands have shed their innocent blood.

“What difference, at this point, does it make?” – Hillary Clinton

Oh, and speaking of Benghazi, rumor has it that the next release from Wikileaks will prove that Obama and Hillary were smuggling guns into Libya and that Chris Stevens presence in the theater was entirely for that purpose.

No wonder they let all the witnesses die (allegedly.)

3.  The Liberal Media’s Shameless  Suppression of Information.

What was formerly considered “right-wing conspiracy theory” has become abundantly clear to anyone intellectually honest enough to admit it. With the Wiki leaks DNC email scandal , we finally have documentation proving that essentially every television news station whose initials aren’t  F.O.X. is lying through their teeth, everyday. Faux news just deflects for Trump.

Everyone in America- from the Sandersinian Marxists, “Feeling the Bern” to the Tinfoil Hat Wearing Klansman and everyone in between, now knows that we are being fed lies. As long as the lies are in defense of your guy (or gal) – American’s are just fine with it.

The media is controlling our elections and in fact controlling our consciousness as a Nation.

No one cares.

Our history is being thrown down the memory hole.

No one cares.

“There will be no loyalty, except loyalty towards the Party. There will be no love, except the love of Big Brother.” – George Orwell (1984)




I apologize for my momentary slip into hyperbolic outer darkness. I’m not really a conspiracy theorist- more of a minder of slippery slopes and the slip-and-slide of America’s demise is parched. We’ve reached the dry-grass, skinned-knee end of our mindless joy ride.

Which brings me to my final point regarding the weeks news and perhaps the most disheartening of all.

4. Donald Trump Can’t (or Won’t)  Get Out of His Own Way.

Amidst enough scandal to sink a hundred political opponents, Donald Trump can’t just shake hands, kiss babies and let Hillary implode under the weight of the truth of the aforementioned indictments. He continues to steal the spotlight, which the complicit opposition media is all too eager to give him, by arguing with crying babies and insulting the parents of fallen veterans (even if they do, allegedly, have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.)

Stop giving the enemy ammunition you moron.

Even my seven year old nephew knows that if you give all of your NERF bullets to your friends, you can’t win the tree house siege.

For all the billions of dollars Trump has- for all the bravado- for all the pomp and circumstance – he can’t seem to find the formula (or is it desire?) to beat Hillary.

“What I wouldn’t give for a holocaust cloak.” Westley  (The Princess Bride)

Now that I have laid out just a few of the things that I chose not to write about, even though I now have indeed written about them- mention of my nephew will bring us to the “why” mentioned in the title.

A friend and colleague of mine recently penned an essay lamenting the Conservatives path along the “high road” and where that path has taken us. Her conclusion is that it has taken us, despite our fervent prayers, out of the political  game.

I think I agree with her assessment.

We Conservatives have rightly sought to be peacemakers – we rightly sought to think no evil of our fellow man -we rightly desired to have faith in God and not man, but we were wrongly complicit in our Nation’s demise by not being involved in public service, at every level, like our founders were.

Devoid of some resurgent phoenix of  Judaeo-Christian ethics and Conservatism rising from the ashes of our once great Republic, we are done. While we know that there will always be a remnant of the faithful- we have no guarantees of redemption without spiritual humility leading to revival.

The America of my Grandfather is gone.

The America that will be left for my nephew will be a perverse, anti-Christian, Socialist, linguini – spined global laughing stock – beholden to our enemies and reviled by God for our disobedience.

Many of us will claim that we tried to stop it, but did we really? I know I didn’t, not really, until it was too late.

Forgive us.

My fear is that 2016 will become known as the year that America went over the edge into the abyss of secular humanism, emotionalism and Luciferian rebellion.

Julie Custer and her Army Ranger husband have resigned themselves to prayer and a redoubling of their efforts to get off the grid – where a man can grow a beard and carry a Bible without a Marxist crying for a “safe space” to protect them from such offensive micro-aggression’s.

God, guns and guts- made America free- godlessness, disarmament and cowardice will make us slaves. There will come a day when  God- fearing Patriots will be jailed, or worse, simply for existing- let alone speaking their mind. If you doubt me, just have a look at Europe.

I started commenting and writing about the demise of Judaeo-Christian America and Conservatism because I still can. Our numbers aren’t increasing, sadly. I plan to start a podcast soon, because I still can and I plan to buy an AR-15 before January 2017 (regardless of the outcome of the election,) because I still can.

Get involved with your Local and State Government if you have such abilities. Study, write, speak, pray, and teach. God is merciful and He may yet heal our land. It definitely couldn’t hurt to learn to hunt, fish and be self-sufficient just in case He doesn’t.

Many are opting to find some little piece of off-the-grid freedom where a man is free to worship God- speak His name and raise Godly children- free of the Liberal re-education camps that now serve as our school system.

That’s what this aging, Christ-following patriot and his little wife, little dog and his laptop plan to do- Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise. I’ll continue to speak the truth for as long as I can, until and after they take me away.

If they can find me…

I wonder if Texas has room for all of us?08


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