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The Global Financial Context: Paul Singer

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Billionaire LGBT Activist Partnering with Christians to Reach Millennials


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It is not surprising that those seeking to advance the LGBT agenda would work through left-leaning organizations, but one billionaire who has his eye on millennials has begun partnering with Hobby Lobby and its Museum of the Bible. Paul Singer has been targeting Republican candidates, lawmakers, and the Republican Party Platform. Now, he is reaching out to Christian students on college campuses.

Singer has an elaborate funding and organizational scheme that appears to support Christians and gain their goodwill while at the same time working against them to advance his same-sex marriage and LGBT agenda. One of the organizations Singer heavily funds created false propaganda that was published in the Washington Post by editorial board member Jonathan Capehart.

Purporting to show an interconnecting “enemies of equality” network, Capehart’s article is based entirely upon a chart created by Freedom for All Americans. Capehart refused to respond to multiple attempts to set the record straight. As an out homosexual who regularly appears on MSNBC, truth about LGBT issues must not matter to Capehart.

The chart and Capehart’s article depicting a vast “right wing conspiracy” are false. The chart also makes false allegations about Liberty Counsel and the other named people and groups. But, as will be discussed below, the inclusion of Hobby Lobby raises special attention to Singer’s activities and reveals how he uses a well-known Christian organization.

Billionaire New York hedge fund manager Paul Singer and Tim Gill are behind Freedom for All Americans, which produced the false propaganda. Singer and Gill, the founder of Quark, are leading financial supporters of same-sex marriage and the LGBT agenda. Singer is also behind the American Unity PAC, which works to elect pro-LGBT advocates to public office, and American Unity Fund, a 501(c)(4) lobbying organization whose mission is to advance the LGBT agenda. This group hosted a “Big Tent Brunch” at the Republican National Convention featuring Montel Williams, Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner, elected officials, and delegates.

While Liberty Counsel and Alliance Defending Freedom were defending marriage in California, Singer financed litigation against the California Prop 8 marriage amendment and is responsible for New York Republican legislators changing their votes to support same-sex marriage in 2011.

Since the 2015 Supreme Court marriage opinion, Singer has turned his efforts to advancing LGBT rights in political party platforms, in Congress, at the local and state levels, and among millennials.

To influence young leaders, Singer has put his money behind LGBT University and he is now working to reach Christian students on college campuses. Some of the organizations he funds include Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry and Freedom for All Americans.

Singer, whose son is gay, is focused like a laser to advance the LGBT agenda. He generally supports Republican politics, but he also wants to enshrine same-sex marriage and the LGBT agenda into the American culture. The best way to accomplish his agenda is through the courts, legislative bodies, political candidates, and young future leaders.

While Singer declares Hobby Lobby an “enemy of equality” using Freedom for All Americans as his conduit, he has also entered into a close partnership with Hobby Lobby’s Museum of the Bible (MOTB) through another one of his funded organizations, The Philos Project.

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Singer and MOTB are joint partners in “Passages Israel” that began in 2016 taking Christian college students to Israel. Passages Israel is patterned after Covenant Journey, which was launched by Liberty Counsel in 2014. Covenant Journey takes Christian college students who have leadership potential to Israel to strengthen their Christian faith and equip them to be goodwill ambassadors for Israel.

In 2015, Paul Singer, through The Philos Project, offered millions of dollars to Covenant Journey, but his surrogates also wanted control of the board and the content of the program. As founder and president of Covenant Journey, I rejected Singer’s offer and refused to take a penny from him.

Cary Summers, president of MOTB, then entered into a partnership with Singer to create a copycat program to Covenant Journey. Summers told me he wanted to reach Jewish philanthropists to gain access and favor for the museum. Singer had no interest in the museum, but Covenant Journey caught his attention. Summers proposed that MOTB and Singer fund Covenant Journey in a joint partnership. But, Singer wanted control of the Covenant Journey board and wanted to change the content of the program for millennials, and he wanted no one else involved except him and MOTB, headed by Steve Green. I could not allow Singer to take control of Covenant Journey and change the content, no matter how much money was on the table. And, believe me, the offer involved millions of dollars.

I advised Cary Summers I could not hand over our future Christian leaders to Singer and advised him not to enter into a joint partnership. He ignored the obvious warning signs, although he knew Singer was one of the top funders of the LGBT agenda and same-sex marriage, and he knew Singer’s agenda would not sit well with MOTB donors. Summers thought he could cover Singer’s involvement through The Philos Project. He played with fire. Summers and Steve Green, president of Hobby Lobby and Chairman of MOTB, knowing Singer’s agenda and with full knowledge of the risk, decided to partner with Singer anyway.

When Covenant Journey rejected Singer’s involvement, Summers insisted he wanted a partnership with Singer and together MOTB and Singer copied the Covenant Journey program, using almost identical language to describe what they call “Passages Israel.” MOTB wanted Jewish support and funding to underwrite and gain favor for its museum. Among Jewish philanthropists, Singer is very prominent.

Make no mistake, The Philos Project in this partnership with MOTB is Singer and the funding for this partnership comes from Singer, who, directly or through surrogates, is actively involved in the details. The executive director of The Philos Project told me that Singer’s surrogate “rides him hard” and holds him accountable.

What Singer funds, he controls. He does not just give money and walk away. Singer strategically uses his funds to accomplish his goal, and one of his goals is to raise up a new generation of LGBT advocates to change the future of America.

On the one hand, Singer can list Hobby Lobby as an “enemy of equality” while entering into a partnership with the same family in order to reach Christian leaders on college campuses. The irony is painfully obvious. But with so many organizations, even Summers thought the public could be fooled.

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