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John Kerry Interview

More on a Moron, AKA John ‘Reporting for Duty’ Kerry


Okay, so Krazy John Kerry says we’ve got to give up our refrigerators and our air conditioners because they’re a bigger threat to us than ISIS. But how are we to live without refrigerators? Or air conditioners? True nobody in the 19th century had them. They also had a lot of ptomaine poisoning and heat stroke.

But aha! There is a way!

Simply set up communal refrigerator centers, where all us serfs can go and put our perishable foods in refrigerators owned by the city government. We can put the refrigerators right into the community cooling centers. So you walk there, or take a bicycle, or a bus with chickens on it, put your food into the fridge, then go back to your “smart” apartment where they government turns off your electricity at 8 p.m., and then go back to the cooling center to get your food out of the refrigerator and take it home so you can cook it over a cow-dung fire. Or if it’s just too hot to bear, you can sleep there overnight on a generously provided canvas cot with all those other people. Maybe they could set up a big screen so we can watch Hillary Clinton speeches for several hours every night.

Does that not sound like an attractive way of life? Lots and lots of fun?

And if you don’t think communal refrigerators would surely lead to murder, you had better think again.


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