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Wikileaks and the DNC: Harping Hacks Hate Hackers

By Gunnar Bowles – BarbWire guest contributor

Stop me if you’ve heard this before but wait, did a prominent member of the Democratic Party’s private email server get compromised, resulting in the release and violation of myriads of sensitive information? If you haven’t been paying attention, no, surprisingly Hillary Clinton was not to blame this time. Rather the entire Democratic Party has revealed their characteristic and monumental ineptitude regarding internet security. Perhaps for the first time, Wikileaks has provided the world with a wonderful service, as they hacked and subsequently released the DNC’s private emails and correspondences, releasing incredibly juicy secrets sure to cast a shadow over the 2016 election.

In one simple move, Wikileaks has looked behind the curtain of the DNC, revealing what many of us knew and suspected to be rampant racism, media collusion, derogatory references to women, and crime on a level that would make Al Capone and Boss Tweed blush. For Republicans and Conservatives across the country, the release of the information comes as a cascade of cathartic validation to their accusations of an unfair and borderline incestuous relationship between the beltway media and the DNC.

Finally, those on the Right can declare that no, they aren’t taking ‘Crazy pills,’ but rather there is tangible and dubious cooperation between mainstream media outlets such as CNN, MSNBC, Politico, The WSJ, and others to coordinate and propagate liberal narratives at the expense of truth.

Unfortunately, this also comes as no surprise to those Americans sandwiched between the coasts, who know that those within the beltway consider themselves socialites rivaling The Great Gatsby; promenading from party to party, haughtily rubbing-noses, and all the while patronizingly regarding those who live in the vast wasteland beyond the DC beltway as simple-minded barbarian scourges, who if left to their own devices would find themselves haplessly eating mud and playing with sticks.

This elitism and snobbish mentality, although inconspicuous to the ‘elite’ who have never buried their arms in mud or broken a sweat, besides when they are forced to ride the Red Line without air conditioning, is unmistakable throughout the DNC emails which refer to minorities as ‘commodities’ rather than people.

In response to the damning emails, the media and the DNC have shockingly colluded once more to distract from their tarnished reputation that is sure to continuously fray throughout the rest of the week. Channeling their inner Joseph McCarthy, the outraged Dems declared that the Russians are clearly behind the leaks.

However, even if Wikileaks were a Russian propaganda and influence machine, IT DOES NOT EXCUSE THE CONTENT OF THE EMAILS. In fact, the DNC’s refusal to deny that the emails are real and their revelatory focus on the Russians as the propagators of the leak, testifies to the validity of the information that has been leaked.

Unfortunately for the DNC, however, the American people are not as simple-minded as they would hope, and will not be so easily tricked. Instead, the DNC’s transgressions of openly mocking the LGBT community as well as many other minorities, their rampant collusion with the media, and their shady financial dealings, have been seared into the mind of America the DNC’s disdain for those they claim to represent and causing many to question their allegiance.

As of right now, the email scandal has already claimed the head of former DNC chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Unsurprisingly, however, Ms. Wasserman Schultz was immediately hired by the Clinton Campaign, in a move that many would describe as exactly the same as retaining her previous position.

Particularly interesting, though, are the questions this scandal raises regarding the safety and security of email servers and whether or not Ms. Wasserman Schultz resignation should serve as a precedent for those who have their own email scandal. Perhaps, one Hillary Clinton might serve to learn from Ms. Schultz example, as her crimes of endangering and compromising classified government and national security information were far more severe than anything Debbie Wasserman Schultz did.

Regardless, the Wikileaks email-hacking and leaks have done a great service to vindicating Republicans and definitively confirming the DNC as a disgustingly corrupt organization of criminals. I, like many fellow Americans, look forward to the leaks to come throughout this week, be they released by the Russians or not.


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