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Ted Cruz GOP Convention 2016

Trump-ets and Trumpettes: Ultimate Ironists


Trump-ets and Trump-ettes are the ultimate ironists (or is it ironistas?).

They’re having the vapors about Ted Cruz’s failure to observe unwritten rules of political convention etiquette when he chose to endorse conservative principles rather than TrumPolonius. The ironistas dab the dewy damp from their delicate brows over this gross violation of convention convention all the while slavering over a candidate who calls women fat pigs, mocks disabled journalists, brags about adulterous affairs, exploits women and the poor for fun and profit through strip clubs and gambling, and accused Ted Cruz’s father of complicity in assassination. While they fret and fume over Cruz’s purported abdication of a pledge to support the ultimate Republican nominee, they ignore that Trump abdicated the very same pledge. Worse still, they support a man who has promised to abuse executive orders exactly as Obama has done.

Trump-ets and Trumpettes trumpet their outrage at Cruz’s failure to unite the party after they nominated the most divisive of all the Republican candidates.

Enraged and omniscient Trump-ets and Trumpettes who claim to know the inner motives of Cruz wag their Church-Lady fingers at Cruz, chiding him for not being a bigger man, a forgiving man who will turn his cheek like a whirling dervish. They do this as they support the man who wrote, “For many years I’ve said that if someone screws you, screw them back. When somebody hurts you, just go after them as viciously and as violently as you can.”

The very same TrumPolonius trumpeteers who say that there is too much at stake to allow Hillary Clinton to be elected support a man who has not articulated a single position that he hasn’t revised, reversed, or rescinded—a man who until very recently wasn’t a Republican and still demonstrates only a tenuous grasp of conservative ideas and an even more tenuous commitment to them.

In the midst of their spittle-soaked palaver, Trumpsters ignore that Cruz told Trump that if he were to speak at the convention, he would not endorse Trump, and they ignore that Cruz’s speech was previewed by Trump’s campaign. According to a source within the Cruz campaign, “This was orchestrated by the Trump campaign to make Senator Cruz a pariah within the party.” Tsk tsk, there’s that pesky vengeful streak rearing its willowy, billowy blondish sconce again.

While Republicans of diverse stripes eviscerate Cruz, they say nothing when the likes of homosexual flamethrower and Breitbart writer Milo Yiannopoulis sashays into the Grand Old Party with his foul mouth and homosexual agenda:

And they say nothing when another senator, Illinois’ very own shameful Mark Kirk campaigns on the tiny dead bodies of unborn babies. No problem there, no siree. But deliver a stirring speech on freedom and commitment to constitutional principles at the Republican Convention after informing the candidate ahead of time that there would be no endorsement, and there will be hell to pay. The inability or unwillingness of Republicans to see either the irony or the big picture is why the GOP is losing cultural ground—or deserves to.

I am not now nor ever have been a joyful or unequivocal Cruz supporter. I agree with a Wall Street Journal opinion piece that argues that “Mr. Cruz’s sudden burst of ‘conscience’ would be more believable if Mr. Cruz hadn’t played Tonto to Mr. Trump’s Lone Ranger for most of the primary campaign. When it mattered last year, when Mr. Trump still might have been stopped, Mr. Cruz was lip-syncing the businessman’s lines.” But he is by any measure a more knowledgeable, experienced, and principled conservative than Trump.

With good reason, conservatives fear Trump will reshape the GOP into a warped and warty party. Those who prefer a sanctuary to a rainbow-colored circus tent will not be welcome. That said, I will probably take an anti-emetic, don my gas mask, and vote for TrumPolonius, but like Cruz I will never formally endorse a man as vindictive, divisive, and unprincipled as TrumPolonius.


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