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Author: ‘Fence-sitting’ no longer option for Christians

By Charlie Butts 

Christians can remain idle no more. That’s according to the author of a new book he says offers hope and answers for Americans who are facing increasing attacks because of their faith in Jesus in America 2 620x300

Matt Barber, founder of, has written the book Hating Jesus: The American Left’s War on Christianity. The title, he explains, is based on Jesus’ words in John 15:18: “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first.” That, says Barber, is being manifested today in unprecedented levels.

The book starts by establishing that America was founded as a Christian nation, irrespective of arguments contrary to that by the Left.

Hating Jesus (book cover)“I then go through in great detail the increasing attacks that we’re seeing against Christians,” he reports. “People even being thrown in jail; threatened and fined with ruinous amounts of money, hundreds of thousands of dollars, because they cannot violate their Christian conscience; people going to jail because they will not violate their Christian conscience.”

The author says the book offers hope, but a hope that can only be realized if Christians get into action.

“Christians need to have an understanding of where we are in the United States, that it’s going to get worse, that nobody can sit the fence anymore,” he tells OneNewsNow. “You have to make a decision: Are you going to stand for Christ – or are you going to stand for the enemies of Christ? There’s no longer fence-sitting that can occur.”

Barber says the book concludes with an urgent message to pastors and individual Christians that silence is no longer an option … that both groups need to take a stand.

First published at OneNewsNow 


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