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Billy Graham’s Daughter Issues Radical Revival Challenge


Some years ago, I undertook a “challenge” that you might also want to consider—and if this one doesn’t stir you then consider the one Billy Graham’s daughter just issued.

I believe it was Oral Roberts who, decades ago, suggested that if we would read the Gospels and Acts three times in 30 days, we would get a greater revelation of Jesus.

When I started this challenge, the Holy Spirit made clear to me something I didn’t even expect: a greater revelation of who I am in Christ.

You may think you don’t have time to do that much Bible reading in that amount of time. Maybe you have kids to care for, a job to tend to, etc. But why not try putting the Word first?

The Bible says to seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness, and everything else you need will be taken care of (Matt. 6:33). Why not take God at His Word and put the Word first for 30 days? It will make a major difference in your life, and you’ll want to continue down this path.

If you can’t do it for 30 days, how about 8 hours?

Anne Graham-Lotz, the daughter of Billy Graham, is issuing a radical revival challenge.

“In 2 Chronicles when King Josiah rediscovered the Word of God, he read it out loud to the people and they experienced revival,” she says. “In the book of Nehemiah, after God’s people had been in captivity for 70 years, they came back to Jerusalem and Ezra, the Scribe, got up before them and he just read the Word of God, and they had revival.

“So then that makes me wonder. What would happen if all of us, you and I, hit life’s pause button in this day of confusion and chaos, and hopelessness and helplessness, what would happen if you and I also listened to the Word of God. I want to find out.”

Graham-Lotz is calling us all to join her as we listen to Word of God for 8 hours in the first 8 days of August, one hour a day. Let’s see what God would do.

“Let’s don’t just long for revival, let’s ignite revival! God is speaking,” she says. “Are you listening?”


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