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Comey Chokes: Globetrotters Win…Again.


For the half-dozen people in the world that follow my column you will, no doubt, recall my much lamented quandary regarding anything humorous about which to opine. It’s always doom and gloom from this guy, right?

Well, the wait is over!

The Democrats and their banana republic have finally pushed me over the edge and all I can do is laugh, even though I should, by all rights, be crying.

FBI Director James Comey formally announced on July 5th, 2016 that the FBI would not recommend that the Presumptive Democratic Nominee for President Hillary Rodham Clinton be indicted regarding her unsecured personal email server.

Mr. Comey spent fourteen minutes detailing exactly why Hillary should be indicted and sixty seconds explaining why his office wasn’t going to. Comey’s speech reminded me of Joe Biden’s  speech in which he gave all the reasons why he should be running for president only to give the “surprise ending” that he, indeed, was not running.

Just when we thought we finally had a Clinton caught in a snare of their own wicked devices, from which there was no escape, they bounced free once again. If you listened very closely you could hear the strains of MC Hammers ” Can’t Touch This” playing somewhere in the distance.

This should come as no surprise to those of right-leaning political persuasions.

We always lose to the Democrats.

We are the Washington Generals and they are the Harlem Globetrotters.

The only points we score are the ones they allow us to score and the majority of the game is spent with them making fools of us with ball fakes, head fakes and impossible half court shots. Just when we think we have finally locked in on Meadowlark Lemon’s ball handling wizardry and are about to grab the coveted orange pill from his hands, he circles around behind us and pulls our pants down in front of the whole world.

Barack Obama knew there was no indictment coming when he set up the Air Force one campaign trip on the very same day that the FBI was to make their announcement.

Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch knew there was no indictment coming when they met on the tarmac in Phoenix last week. They probably did talk about their grand-kids; as the entire episode was a ball-handling drill, prestidigitation, slight-of-hand. They were showing  James Comey, and the world, that if you indict Hillary you take on the entire Democratic machine.

The only person who probably didn’t know yet was poor James Comey; until he reluctantly “cut and pasted ” an alternate ending to his statement, probably sometime on Monday (The 4th of July) as his principled better-half pondered career suicide.

The Democratic party handed James Comey the ball and a wide open shot at an uncontested basket;”triple-dog-daring” him to shoot.

He didn’t.

He knew better.

No sooner would the ball have left his hands than a hulking seven foot tall behemoth would have swooped in out of nowhere and slapped away his feeble attempt.

One day, perhaps, the myriad political parties in America that oppose the leftist oligarchy will get smart enough to unite and put together an all-star team of principled conservatives, or at least of anti-progressives, in hopes of one day making a real game of our nation’s politics.

The matador defense of the GOP Establishment clearly doesn’t work.

Sadly, the game nears completion.

When they have crushed us enough times, publicly, the Globetrotters will simply refuse to take the court. They win, they always do, and half of America thinks it’s because they’re actually the better team, not realizing that the game is rigged and that the real losers are the American people.


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