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BarbWire Intern Does D.C.


Editor’s Note: I have had the great joy of working with Lia these past six months. She gives me hope for the next generation of citizens: she is as bright and enterprising as every homeschooled young person I know, and her faith is her ever present North Star. I know Lia, though small of stature (I resemble that comment!) will achieve great things both for our country and for “The Kingdom.” And I cannot thank her enough for her help at BarbWire. Tami Jackson


Hi, my name is Lia. I have had the wonderful privilege of interning as Content Editor on BarbWire since last December.

Recently I had the great opportunity of traveling in 8 states and over 2500 miles in the span of 12 days with my adventurous mother. Many memories were made.

A couple of the main highlights were conquering D.C. (well, what little we could in our 36 hours there!) and having the honor to meet Matt Barber himself.

During our stay, news of one of America’s worst terrorist attacks dominated the headlines. With the abundance of American flags at half mast, it was a very sobering time to be in D.C.

As a newcomer to the adult world, I am greatly saddened and would be lying if I said I wasn’t frightened at the unknown future. Thankfully, I serve an omniscient God who has told me through His Word to “fear not” hundreds of times. Taking this to heart, I was able to experience D.C. through eyes of gratitude and wonder at God’s gracious sovereignty.

My bosses, along with my mother encouraged me to put together some thoughts and pictures of the adventures that occurred while in Washington D.C. As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Thus, I will be chronicling through photos “The Intern Does D.C.”


Arrived in D.C. Saturday night, and went to church Sunday with Matt Barber!


I took the tour! My mom patiently waited outside holding my “forbidden items…and I’m not talking food or drinks ;-)”


The center of the center of the Capitol! Four zip-codes are represented around that circle.


POW flag in the Capitol rotunda, representing the soldiers lost during the Vietnam War. And Old Glory from the Reagan administration!


In the room where Congress originally met. This is the place where John Q. Adams desk rested.


After the Capitol tour, my mom and I went to the Liberty Counsel office located in D.C.


“Working hard, or hardly working…”


The current interns at the LC office. Maybe one day I shall have the privilege to intern there!


Half-mast flag at the SCOTUS landing area.


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