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When the Wicked Rule, the People Groan


You don’t raise taxes in a recession. You don’t disarm your own people in a war. You don’t cripple small business and call it recovery.

You don’t destroy the best healthcare system in the world and call it progress.

You don’t undermine law enforcement and pretend to support the rule of law.

You do not start race wars and claim to care about reconciliation.

You do not slaughter babies in the womb and call it women’s healthcare. You don’t institutionalize perversion and call it moral clarity.

You don’t bankrupt the entire country and call it fiscal reform.

You do not prefer Islam over Christianity and claim to defend religious liberty. And you don’t destroy liberty itself and call it liberating, unless you’re an Obama/Clinton Democrat.

Then you do all these things and call it sane, when in truth, it is evil because it is all done on purpose to destroy our country, translation: “Fundamental transformation.”

“When the righteous increase, the people rejoice, But when a wicked man rules, people groan.”   Proverbs 29:2


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