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The Failure of Culture Reflects the Failure of Churches

Faith and Freedom with Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver and BarbWire’s Matt Barber… An 11-minute weekday radio program discussing hot topics in the area of religious liberty, the sanctity of human life and the family.

Our culture is in the shape it’s in because, in part, our churches are in the shape that they’re in and pastors and leaders of these churches and denominations are not standing up for biblical truth. Now that’s certainly a broad brush, and it doesn’t apply to every church and every denomination and certainly not to every pastor. But we’re going to be talking about what churches and pastors can do to address biblical issues in the culture.

Mat Staver: Matt, I came across this story, and it’s about something that you would think some liberal university did when they banned the Discovery Institute from sponsoring an information table at a conference. You would think it’s gotta be some California secular school or some liberal secular school that they just didn’t want to have Discovery Institute having a table regarding intelligent design. Regarding the fact that there has got to be a designer because the design is complicated and it takes some form of intelligence to create the design that we can observe. Seems logical.

But in this case it wasn’t a secular university, it was the United Methodist Church during its general conference. They banned the Discovery Institute from having a table that would just provide information. This is the UMC denomination itself banned this organization.

Matt Barber: How bankrupt are the United Methodists going to get? We saw the PCUSA church come out against Israel and come out in favor of so-called gay marriage…so these mainline liberal denominations, and the Methodist church here…are they operating on bad information?


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