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Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin

Oklahoma Governor Betrays Pro-Life Supporters

Faith and Freedom with Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver and Holly Meade, and BarbWire’s Matt Barber… An 11-minute weekday radio program discussing hot topics in the area of religious liberty, the sanctity of human life and the family.

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin vetoed a bill that was a pro-life bill, which she previously was obviously aware of and endorsed. She made a 180° despicable betrayal of the pro-life movement.

Mat Staver: Last year I met with Governor Mary Fallin and others — members of the House, members of the Senate in Oklahoma. Other concerned individuals…Pastor Paul Blair was there and the Attorney Generalwas in this meeting. And we were talking to the governor, specifically about some legislation for this upcoming term, in 2016. And one of the bills was this specific one that ultimately would revoke, or not allow doctors to renew their medical licenses if they performed an abortion.

It was a strong piece of legislation. We wanted to make sure she was on board, and she was. And then that was passed overwhelmingly by the House and Senate, and then, to everyone’s surprise, she then vetoed this particular piece of legislation. This is politics at its worst, Matt.

Matt Barber: Yea…it’s shocking, but not really. The pressure that the left can put on people…she may have been looking to North Carolina, with corporations threatening to boycott the state and so forth…


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