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LtGen Boykin Brian Kilmeade

General Talks about Getting the Boot at Fort Riley


FRC’s Lt. General Jerry Boykin (U.S. Army-Ret.) has had a busy two months.

First, he lost and won back his job at Hampden-Sydney College over the protests of LGBT activists.

Then, this week, the Delta Force hero was disinvited from a Fort Riley prayer breakfast, where he was invited to speak to a packed crowd.

To hear his take on the controversy, which is lighting up social media, check out this interview on “Fox and Friends” from this morning.

Boykin: Well, as you said, this Military Religious Freedom Foundation, which is a radical anti-Christian, atheist group, protested the fact that I was there. And the installation cancelled my visit. Now I want you tho think about this, Brian. Today, the Commander of Fort Hood, Texas, is calling for prayers, asking for people to pray for the families and for his troops. And the Commander of Fort Riley, Kansas, is cancelling a prayer breakfast, denying his soldiers the opportunity to attend a prayer breakfast about faith of the soldier.

Kilmeade: So Major General Grigsby I believe is in charge. Do you blame him?

Boykin: Well, I blame him in that he made the ultimate decision. But what I really blame is that this is the condition of our military today. Moms and dads need to understand, this is what your children are going through today as they serve in the military that Barack Obama has created.


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