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Reduce Military Spending—Except for When It Comes to ‘Transgenders’


American elites are constantly calling for a reduction in spending on defense, and military-related organizations and issues. Yet when it comes to “transgender” perverts and the War on Reality, the same elites are actually listening to calls for increased spending at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Media regularly report on calls to shut down various U.S. military installations, calls to reduce DOD healthcare and benefits, and other calls focused on reducing excessive spending on defense or defense-related issues. Media also regularly report on cost overruns in the DOD and VA.

In addition to calls for reducing unnecessary spending, the American-hating Obama and his communist allies have wanted to reduce necessary military-related spending. And they have been very successful in achieving that goal. In fact, they have been so successful that the U.S. armed forces are no longer fully ready and capable to defend against all potential threats.

But when it comes to the War on Reality, people want to increase military-related spending on it.

The Hill reported on May 11 that, “Transgender veterans are petitioning the Department of Veterans Affairs to cover gender transition-related surgeries.”

Sure. Why not? Who cares that the U.S. hasn’t fully funded the armed forces to fight? Who cares that the U.S. hasn’t won a war in decades? And who cares that the VA (separate from the DOD yet a military-related entity) is incompetent and can’t take care of veterans as it is? Let’s spend loads of money on absolute nonsense.

And don’t be surprised if the “First Gay President” endorses this idea. Obama just last year laughed in the face of current U.S. armed forces standards when he hosted “transgender” troops at the White House. He also made sure that promoting the War on Reality was included in the official United States National Security Strategy.

We will be a champion for communities that are too frequently vulnerable to violence, abuse, and neglect—such as ethnic and religious minorities; people with disabilities; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) individuals; displaced persons; and migrant workers.

My short story, “The First Transgender Superhuman,” is pure fiction. But the way it shows the American obsession over the “transgender” lie is not.

So expect more military-related spending cuts where the U.S. doesn’t need them. At the same time, expect an increase in military-related spending that has nothing to do with the armed forces or defense, particularly when it comes to “transgender” creeps and the War on Reality.

Mortal Gods: Ignition is Paul Hair’s new collection of three short stories about superhumans in a real-world setting. Read an excerpt of one of these stories (“The First Transgender Superhuman”) at Liberty Island. Buy the full eBook at Amazon.


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