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A Good Question Concerning Bruce Springsteen!


Townhall columnist Frank Turek today asked a damned good question: “Can Bruce Springsteen Refuse to Play at a Gay Wedding?”

Springsteen, whom I’ve always thought of as an ass, has cancelled a concert in North Carolina to show his support for “transgender freedom fighters”–now you see why I consider him an ass–and their “right” to use the opposite sex’s bathrooms.

In other words, Springsteen is refusing to provide his services to the state of North Carolina because he has a moral objection to North Carolina’s behavior.

So how come, then, a Christian photographer has to provide her services to a homosexual parody of a wedding, or else have her livelihood destroyed by the state? Would anyone dream of forcing Springsteen to play in North Carolina, or else? What’s the difference? Why can he withhold service, but a Christian can’t?

Ooh, ooh, I know!

It’s because only minorities have rights–right? And the smaller the minority, the bigger its rights!

You can always discriminate against ordinary people! The despised majority, who pay the country’s bills and create its wealth. Feel like going Christian-hunting? Well, well, it’s open season on the Christians, every day!

See, they can’t Impose Their Ideas on anyone. Especially on a minority.

But any minority–atheists, transgenders, homosexuals, you name it–can always impose its ideas upon the whole society.

That’s why Springsteen, an ass, can do what no Christian photographer, baker, or caterer can do–and not only do it, but be hailed as a hero and a sage and an all-around swell guy for his support of the transgender movement. The fact that his action will be applauded by every fat-head in America, and criticized by virtually no one, I’m sure never crossed his mind.


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