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Can America be Great Again?


Presidential candidate Donald Trump has been very successful in rallying Republican conservatives, veterans, Christians and even moderates and liberals behind his banner objective: “Make America Great Again.” But his recent reckless remarks about the controversy involving North Carolina’s H.B. 2 cause many to question whether or not he knows what is required to make America great.

The state of North Carolina and its leaders have endured unrelenting personal attacks and threats of financial loss by belligerent leftists from coast to coast for simply preventing a reprobate Charlotte City Council from enacting a deceitfully named “anti-discrimination” policy. That policy would have permitted men who self-identify with the female gender to invade women’s restrooms and locker rooms. In response to Charlotte’s diabolical policy initiative, North Carolina lawmakers passed H.B. 2 which prevents local governments from enacting specious anti-discrimination laws.

Enter Donald Trump, who recently stated that he supports policies that allow sexual misfits like Bruce Jenner and Chastity Bono to use the facilities of their choosing. Trump bemoaned the financial toll that North Carolina faces, suggesting that economic interests are more important than protecting girls and women. This foolish and thoughtless position may cost him and the American people a heavy price.

In his recent remarks, Donald Trump said that if Bruce Jenner comes to Trump Tower, “He can use any restroom he chooses.” One must wonder if Donald Trump would really be so tolerant of this LGBTQ-favored position that he would allow Bruce Jenner or any other man to follow his young granddaughters into the ladies’ room at Trump Tower or any other building. If he would, he’s not the leader that many of his supporters hoped he would be.

Donald Trump has shown that he does not understand what is most important to the people are who have supported his campaign up to this point. People who have strong political passions also have strong values. America has become a nation that celebrates perversity and calls it diversity to the disdain of many conservatives. A tiny minority among us obstinately demands an illegitimate right to engage in very grave sin, and many others, who have sacrificed their own integrity upon altars of comity, quietly watch and dutifully fall in-line. In 2016, America is not a great nation because it is not a good nation.

No one who lacks personal integrity built upon righteous godly principles can be a great president or leader. The current and four previous Democrat administrations have demonstrated that well enough. Presidential political campaigns are not cumulative. The support any candidate receives one day, is all at-risk on every successive day, and any candidate who attempts to be all things to all people will ultimately become nothing to anyone.

Every Republican political candidate will always have a more difficult job garnering the support of the people. They must be inspired with a carefully crafted message that promote noble ideals. They must be convinced that their support will result in righteous leadership and timeless moral principles that will allow them and their children to thrive in safety and security.

Democrats will vote for Mrs. Clinton despite her many crimes, lack of sound judgment and astounding lack of leadership ability because their allegiance can easily be purchased with empty promises of taxpayer-funded projects and thoughtless destructive policies. Integrity and honor are not required of them. In fact, steadfast commitment to noble principles is a liability to liberals. The Democrat party forfeited moral authority decades ago as a hindrance to political success.

The American people are incredibly flexible, tolerant and forgiving. Our government can steal our tax dollars and waste them on foolish projects and heap an enormous national debt upon our backs and we will not rebel. Our government can enact burdensome regulations and curtail some of our rights and we will not revolt. But if and when our government endangers our children and loved ones or attempts to compel us to worship false gods like the LGBTQ Beast, we will fight and die rather than live as though dead already.

New York’s “values” are not America’s values. Donald Trump will have to reboot his campaign and rewrite his message if he expects to win the Republican nomination in Cleveland this summer and the general election in November. If he refuses to man-up and seize moral authority, America may never be greater than it is today.

If Donald Trump believes that he is greater than his message, then he’s made a fool’s wager. No man is ever greater than the principles to which he dedicates himself, nor can he ever be. If he repents from his irresponsible remarks, his supporters may yet follow him. But if he refuses, his political career may be over before it has even begun.


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