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Texas Baker Called for Icing


Liberal activists have stooped to all sorts of shenanigans to help paint the broadest picture of victimization possible.The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway points out a string of examples — from a lesbian waitress writing fake anti-gay notes on checks to people spray-painting their own homes with graffiti, the “fakery” is everywhere. Unfortunately, there are very real stories of intolerance — like vandalizing bakers’ cars or trying to kick a grandmother out of her own home — carried out against Christians.

Now, in the latest attempt to gin up outrage, a “gay pastor” is accusing a Texas Whole Foods of writing an anti-LGBT slur on a cake order. Instead of just “Love Wins,” which he ordered, a colorful word was added at the end. Or so he claims. After creating a social media firestorm, Jordan Brown’s version of the account is starting to crumble. For starters, officials at Whole Foods point out, the surveillance video shows that the box he left with had been tampered with. The label had been moved to the side of the package, despite Brown’s insistence that he hadn’t opened it. What’s more, Whole Foods fired back, “our bakery team member is part of the LGBTQ community.”

Not only can’t Brown find anyone to corroborate his story (wouldn’t he have complained to the store when he saw it?), but “no one,” the store writes, “including the cashier who rang the guest up, saw this word on the cake.” Even bakers who saw the picture and headlines say the icing color and handwriting aren’t consistent.

“Consider,” Hemingway points out, “that in this country we have actual cake bakers and other artisans who have been forced out of business for declining to cater events that offend their conscience. And rather than have tens of thousands of stories about the shuttering of those businesses or the lawsuits their proprietors are fighting, we ignore their plight. Fake social justice warrior hoaxes get massive press coverage and nationwide sympathy, while actual rights-violations, like bakers being forced to bake gay wedding cakes or get sued, get mocked (a good gaslighting if you’ll ever see one, even) on ‘Saturday Night Live.'”

The Left is so desperate to continue their narrative of harassment and intimidation that they have to invent stories to do it. If only the hostility toward Christians were as fictional! Instead, they’re losing jobs, businesses, property, and livelihoods for their beliefs. These hoaxes are exactly what FRC has warned against in the debates over the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) and other special rights laws — that they would open the door to all kinds of fraudulent claims and litigation.

Of course, under ENDA type laws, these frauds would also have the power of the government to put the business or organization on the defensive — guilty before proven innocent. In the meantime, people have to wonder about a “LGBT pastor.” But should we really be surprised by his inability to tell the truth about the writing on a cake, given that he can’t (or won’t) acknowledge authoritative writing of Scripture on human sexuality?


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