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Big Deal, So What, Who Cares, Why Bother?


It just doesn’t matter anymore, is that what we are saying? Who cares?

It doesn’t matter how you define marriage. It doesn’t matter if men thinking they are women use girls’ bathrooms. It doesn’t matter that we’ve slaughtered 55 million unborn babies since 1973. It doesn’t matter if Planned Parenthood sells the body parts of babies murdered in the womb. Senior citizens don’t matter. Assisted suicide and withholding treatment are the newest components of the death culture.

It doesn’t matter if women are abused under Sharia or if children are molested.

It doesn’t matter the American church is no longer willing to take a stand for righteousness, preferring the softer path to the rugged road of the Cross.

It no longer matters if a man calls himself a Republican even as he embraces most of the top Democrat policies. It doesn’t matter if a former Sec State is being investigated by 148 FBI agents on charges of fraud, gross negligence, malfeasance in office and corruption. It doesn’t matter if a presidential front runner is a serial adulterer and proud of it, even as he engages in shady business deals for decades.

It doesn’t matter if illegal aliens continue pouring into the country remaining illegal while they acquire driver’s licenses, enjoying the full benefits of citizenship including welfare without having to shoulder any of the responsibilities.

It doesn’t matter if the current President funds terrorist organizations while at the same time cutting our military so low we are no longer combat ready.

It doesn’t matter if our brave police officers are being hunted and targeted. It doesn’t matter so many of our Vets are homeless, suicidal, neglected and abused.

It doesn’t matter if we have armed terrorist training camps throughout the nation.

It doesn’t matter we are almost $20 Trillion in debt near term, $200 Trillion in debt long term, and that we face absolute economy Armageddon.

The truth is it has not mattered for a long time.

For these things to matter, the majority of people have to care, they have to take a stand, they have to speak up and fight back. The truth is most people don’t care, and have not cared for a long time. Indeed, evil flourishes when people just don’t care, preferring to stuff their faces, fill their bellies, and pursue their pleasures to the exclusion of all else.

It no longer seems to matter that we no longer have a conscience.


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