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Pat Boone

NBC Should Apologize for SNL ‘Trailer’


(1 min Audio Report – Faith2Action)

NBC Should Apologize

‘…[I]f they did this to Muslims they’d have to be put into the witness protection program.’

Those words from Pat Boone, about a blasphemous Saturday Night Live “trailer” for a film that mocks Kim Davis, religious liberty, and God.

The fake “trailer” also mocks the film “God is Not Dead 2,” in which Pat Boone stars.

Boone called the skit, which took God’s name in vain, “diabolical.” He stated, “There’s nothing sacred at SNL — except maybe the words ‘Muhammad’ or ‘Allah.’ They’d never take those names in vain.”

In addition to being anti-Christian, the skit was also anti-Semitic, said Boone. “Believers in God deserve an apology.” Let NBC know what you think at: (212) 664-2333, that’s 212) 664-2333


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