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Hollywood Hates North Carolina (and You) but Complaints Won’t Change a Thing


Hollywood has again revealed its contempt for you by boycotting North Carolina for refusing to legalize assaulting women. Conservatives are complaining about the boycott but complaints won’t change a thing. In fact, as always, the way conservatives are complaining only serves to advance the progressive agenda. So it’s time to try something new: fighting back.

Bruce Springsteen, Ringo Starr, and other entertainers have canceled performances in North Carolina. In a sense, this is a good thing. Their absence makes North Carolina a better place. At the same time, the hatred behind their decisions comes through loud and clear.

Conservatives are pointing out the hypocrisy of Hollywood (and others) since the entertainment industry happily does business in Islamic nations that ban same-sex sins. But complaints don’t change how things work.

Furthermore, while complaining about the hypocrisy is fine, the way conservatives are doing it is entirely wrong. In fact, as always, conservatives are doing it in a way that furthers their extinction. Here’s what I mean.

When conservatives complain about the Hollywood hypocrisy, they inevitably end up courting sexual deviants by saying something to the effect of, “See, gays should be on our side! We’re the ones trying to protect them while progressives align with people who hate them!” This means that conservatives are advancing a key progressive agenda item (normalizing sexual deviants and making them a prized political constituency) while failing to achieve anything in their direction.

So it’s the usual 100% failure by conservatives.

We’re in a war. And no amount of debating or talking is going to convince progressives to end their war or change their minds. They hate you. They hate me. And they want to destroy us.

Therefore, it’s time to change. Stop with the reactive behavior and move on to proactive behavior. It’s fine to complain (as long as you don’t shift leftward in doing so) but complaints must be matched by action. And what is a great action in the face of Hollywood hating you? Do what Dave Dubrow (a fellow Liberty Island creator) says and spend your money elsewhere when it comes to culture and entertainment.

We’ve now reached a point in the culture war where if you take the perfectly natural position that men should use men’s private areas for private functions and not women’s private areas for private functions, performers like Bruce Springsteen will not perform for you and companies like PayPal won’t do business with you. . . .

What Springsteen and PayPal and Disney and the NBA and many, many other artists and companies have forgotten is that their financial bullying tactics only work if we let them. They’ve decided that shifting our common culture toward the celebration of mental illness rather than the treatment of it is more important than doing business. That’s immoral. It’s disgusting. And it’s time we fought back.

Fighting back includes not patronizing their businesses. Not listening to their music. Not watching their shows. Yes, it’s massively difficult to avoid Disney, especially if you have children. I like Star Wars and superhero movies, too. We tend to live on autopilot, especially these days, and we’re bombarded with so much conflict that there’s a natural inclination to want to just turn it all off and escape. But they won’t let us. They won’t just shut up and sing. It wasn’t enough to insert themselves into the public discourse (see the Dixie Chicks). Now our entertainers and business associates seek to alter the political process: agree with us or suffer the consequences. You can’t be in the audience if you have the wrong opinions.

This is one of the reasons I’ve started providing alternative entertainment. Action and providing alternatives are much better courses of action that complaining alone. In fact, it’s one of the things Eric Heubeck suggested in the brilliant “Integration of Theory and Practice.”

(Paul Weyrich’s Free Congress Foundation originally published the “Integration of Theory and Practice” in 2001. But the FCF apparently removed it due to progressives complaining about it. So the only places I know where to find it online any longer are at progressive sites which use it as a warning of how “dangerous” conservatives are.)

Progressives have conquered America. And this is why Hollywood can now unabashedly show you how much it hates you and North Carolina.

It’s okay to continue complaining about Hollywood and progressive hypocrisy. But complaints won’t change things. Instead, start boycotting Hollywood and go elsewhere for entertainment and culture. And fight back against progressives in every other aspect of life as well.


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