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Ted Cruz and Heidi Cruz

Christianity, Cruz and the White House


Let me make a brief prefatory remark here: I am a Christian first, and a conservative second. I am also an American who loves my country. It is in this context that I offer the following remarks.

This is a truth you can bank on: no man, no political party, and no political platform can save America or make it great again. As a Christian this is as certain as you can get. And that is true of every other nation as well. No man can save a nation. So if you ever hear some candidate making such grandiose and patently false claims, you should run for the hills and avoid him like the plague.

Only one man can save America or any other nation, and he is not running as a political candidate. But when Jesus Christ returns he will clean up the mess we have made and establish genuine justice and righteousness on earth. Until then all we are left with are imperfect politicians, imperfect parties, and imperfect solutions to what ails us.

But government is God’s idea. He created it to bring about a modicum of justice and peace in a world tarnished by sin. Living in a fallen world means having to put up with less than ideal solutions to all our problems, including our political and social problems.

The Christian is called to be a citizen of two kingdoms simultaneously. We live in this world but we are also residents of the heavenly Kingdom. There will always be tension and friction as we try to be faithful citizens of both kingdoms. That is the way it works in a fallen and imperfect world.

So when it comes to presidential elections, as we now find in the US, we have to deal with flawed candidates and imperfect parties. But some are better than others, and the Christian must prayerfully and carefully consider which party and which candidate is the best one available.

At the moment we have, as I see it, four main contenders for POTUS left: three Democrats and one Republican. Yes I am revealing my hand here: in my books, a lifelong progressive and Democrat supporter like Trump is effectively acting as a third Democrat.

Because I am a conservative and a Christian, I of course cannot support a pagan progressive. I have made my case against Trump in various places, especially here and here.

So that narrows down the field quite a bit. The Republican Kasich is not a real conservative, is going nowhere, and should have pulled out long ago. That leaves just one Republican still running who we can support, and that is Ted Cruz.

Is he a perfect candidate? Of course not. Is he the best out of those still running? Yes. He is a consistent, constitutional conservative and a Christian as well. But those who shrill for Trump really do hate Cruz, and the amount of lies thrown around about him is utterly staggering. I have dealt with many of the idiotic and baseless criticisms of Cruz elsewhere.

Many have made the case for Cruz. As I said, he is a consistent Christian and a consistent conservative. He is also a patriot, a family man, a stickler for the constitution. He is intelligent, compassionate, articulate and experienced. As such he has garnered all sorts of support.

Indeed, plenty of leading Christians and conservatives have already endorsed Cruz, including James Dobson, David Limbaugh, Dana Loesch, Michael Brown, Tony Perkins, Robert George, Thomas Sowell, Michele Malkin, Scott Walker, Glenn Beck, Gary Bauer, Phil Robertson, Brian Brown (NOM), Rush Limbaugh, Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin, Rick Perry, Mark Levin, Janet Porter, Matt Barber, Richard Viguirie, Pam Geller, Brent Bozell, Steve Deace, Mia Love, Penny Nance (CWA), Douglas Wilson, Chuck Norris, Carly Fiorina, George Grant, Douglas Groothuis, Troy Newman, and so on.

That is no small listing of some of our best conservative and Christian leaders. Let me mention just a few of them in more detail. Michael Brown has said this about Cruz:

I’m praying for God’s choice for president. I’m not opposing other godly candidates; I’m not here to become the apologist for Ted Cruz, and as a radio host and writer. I’ll do my best to report fairly on the elections as they unfold.

But I will be standing with Senator Cruz with faith and confidence, believing that, if he indeed is God’s choice, he will not only make it to the White House but also be an agent of positive change for our nation.

Matt Barber also has high praise for Cruz:

Cruz is the right man for right now. Of course, while our ultimate hope can rest in Christ Jesus alone, He does appoint men and women on earth to act as his hands and feet. Ted Cruz is immovable, fearless and dogged in his determination to do the right thing. His integrity, character, remarkable communication skills and extraordinary persuasive powers, as evidenced by his five landmark victories before the U.S. Supreme Court as Texas solicitor general, have, among other things, uniquely qualified this fine man to become the leader of the free world.

Douglas Groothuis said this about Cruz: “For what it is worth, I endorse Ted Cruz for President. The reason is simple: he is a true conservative. Most of the GOP has defected from conservative principles. Cruz has not.” He offers these reasons as to why he is the man for the job. He:

  1. Recognizes human limits and has no messianic pretensions.
  2. Does not allow power to concentrate in any branch of civil government. Hence, the division of powers.
  3. Bases human rights on God-giving them to us. See the Declaration of Independence.
  4. Advances a free market, which unleashes human creativity and increases wealth.
  5. Is not based on class envy or class warfare.
  6. Believes in the Constitution as the charter of America and of American exceptionalism.
  7. Recognizes that force is necessary to protect a free people; hence, a strong military.
  8. Refuses to redefine historically- and religiously-grounded institutions, such as marriage.

His strong adherence to the constitution, and his love of it, alone would make him the best choice. He memorised the entire document when he was just thirteen years old. And he has been defending it his entire adult life. After the anti-constitution reign of Obama, which will be continued under Clinton if she were to get in, it is time for strong leadership and for principled commitment to the constitution.

As mentioned, no perfect candidates are on offer. But we must make do with who is running. Cruz, for all his faults, is the best of the bunch. That leaves just one issue to discuss. Why is it that many people who self-describe as conservatives and Christians have decided to demonise Cruz and lionise Trump?

This is utterly mindboggling for me. I have long wondered what future generations will say when they look back at the 2016 race. Here we had people calling themselves conservatives and Christians hating on the strongest Christian and conservative in decades running for the Republicans, while absolutely worshipping a pagan progressive.

Folks in the future will look back and wonder about the heights of deception going on back then. I can only keep coming up with the same conclusion to this: It is indeed demonic deception. There is no other way to explain it. How normally decent people have thrown out their brains and their morality to support in cult-like fashion a decidedly non-Christian and non-conservative is frightful to behold.

But I am not alone in thinking this way. A piece just out by Lloyd Marcus asks the same questions and makes the same points. Let me quote from him in part:

Frankly, anti-Cruz Christians have me scratching my head. Clearly, these Christians are willing to overlook all of Mr Trump’s shortcomings, anti-Christian political positions and liberal leanings. Meanwhile, they “passionately” leave no stone unturned, relentless in their attempts to discredit and disqualify the only presidential candidate with a proven record of faithfully standing up for Godly principles and values. What is up with that?

A highly respected theologian used Romans 1:18-32 as the text for his sermon. The verses speak of people so stubborn and in love with their sin that God turned His back on them; giving them over to reprobate minds. The theologian asserts that our nation has become so evil that God has turned His back, abandoning America. Unarguably, wickedness is reigning supreme, unchallenged everywhere you look in America. Religious freedom in America is under assault like never before; Christians jailed for not embracing behaviors which God calls abominations.

He continues:

Cruz is the only GOP presidential contender who believes social issues are a priority; vital to who we are as a nation.

Ted Cruz has a long history of defending religious liberty on numerous occasions including defeating atheists who sued to tear down a cross from a veterans’ memorial.

Decades of allowing the anti-Christian movement to go unchallenged has many Americans flat-out afraid of having a man of God in the Oval Office. Countless movies and TV shows portray Christians as over-the-top fanatics, haters and whackos.

Ironically, America was founded upon a foundation of Christian principles and values which have made America great and exceptional. Flipping through TV channels confirms how far off-the-rails our nation has fallen folks.

He concludes as follows:

I am voting for Ted Cruz, the only candidate I know will fight the Left’s relentless insidious quest to turn our nation away from God. I pray that the theologian’s scary sermon is wrong; that it is not too late – that God has not abandoned America.

“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14

Yes we do need to consider such possibilities. I have said much the same in various articles. See here for example.

I too really wonder if we are not seeing Romans 1 in action in the US right now. One can certainly make the case that Obama has been the just judgment of God on America. If Clinton replaces him, we will see more such judgment. And I really believe that if a fake like Trump gets in, we can also see this as the wrath of God being poured out on a rebellious and wicked nation.

I have said this before and I will say it again. Ted Cruz cannot save America. He is incapable of making it great again. But he is the best candidate on offer, and at the very least, he may help defer the judgment of God which America so very much deserves.

Allowing Cruz to get in may be in this sense a divine reprieve, and act of his mercy, and a time of possibly turning some things around. But unless the nation repents big time, and unless the church there repents heartily and mightily, I cannot see how America can go on much longer.

So my choice for POTUS is Ted Cruz. Not because he can rescue America, but because he may at least slow down the decay for a while. It is because I deeply love America that I am hoping for this stay of divine execution. But because I love God even more, I want his will to be done – whatever that may be.

If that means his abandonment of the nation by means of more ungodly, wicked and pagan rulers – be they Clinton or Trump – then I will accept what God has justly brought upon us. But if we can still cry out for God’s mercy, for at least a bit longer, then it will mean in part electing someone who can help turn things around somewhat.

That is all we can hope for from someone like Ted Cruz. But that is not a bad thing to hope for.


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