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Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin Featured

Bevin Is for Real


It’s been seven months since Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis was released from jail for beliefs on marriage. But today, thanks to Governor Matt Bevin (R-Ky.), she’s finally free. After a long, public struggle, Kim and clerks like her celebrated the accommodation they’d been seeking since the Supreme Court radically redefined marriage last June.

In his first act as governor, Bevin issued an executive order protecting county officials from complicity in marriage licenses that violated their faith. In the meantime, the state legislature was working on a parallel track to make the exemption official.

This week, they succeeded, sending S.B. 216 unanimously to the governor’s desk — where he immediately signed it, to the cheers of men and women across the country. Under this law, county clerks will no longer have to have their names listed on marriage licenses that contradict their deeply-held beliefs. As for couples, they’ll be able to choose for themselves how they’d like to be identified: as “bride,” “groom,” or “spouse.”

“We now have a single form that accommodates all concerns,” Governor Bevin said. “Everyone benefits from this common sense legislation.” What’s more, “there is no additional cost or work required by our county clerks. They are now able to fully follow the law without being forced to compromise their religious liberty.”

Governor Bevin, who probably owes his election to his support of Kim Davis, can now hold his state up as a model of a way forward under the current Supreme Court decision on marriage.

We rejoice with Kim, who’s been an inspiration to so many Christians, that her nightmare is finally over.


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