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Governor Pat McCrory

Critics of NC PF&S Act are Either Uninformed or Intentionally Misrepresent

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Critics of the North Carolina Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act probably have never read the law or intentionally misrepresent it.

Mat Staver: Holly, there’s a lot of criticism that has been waged against North Carolina for signing this law that’s called the Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act. And what it does in North Carolina is establish a uniform system of non-discrimination categories, and the consequence of which is that it over-ruled the Charlotte Ordinance — the so-called bathroom bill — that they passed that allowed men to use the women’s restrooms, locker rooms, and shower rooms.

I think, frankly, those that are criticizing this law, have never read it or they’re intentionally misrepresenting the meaning of this law.

Holly Meade: It’s easy to get on a bandwagon. If we don’t know something then we all want to chime in thinking “No, we don’t want to discriminate against anyone.” But when you say common sense, I think we’re just throwing common sense out the window when we are having to pass these kinds of ordinances to be able to protect women against men coming into bathrooms. 


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