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Bill Nye

TV ‘Science Guy’: Jail the Skeptics


Just in case you thought it was suddenly safe to use your brain for anything more complicated than blocking the wind from blowing through your ears, along comes Bill Nye the Science Guy (with his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering), sage and oracle, calling for prison time for those whose “extreme doubt” of Global Warming/Climate Change is “affecting my quality of life as a public citizen.”

Nye joins fellow fat-head Robt. Kennedy Jr. in proposing jail time as the appropriate response to skepticism vis-a-vis “Climate Change.” Hey, hey, gotta Save the Planet, no halfway measures will do! And our fascist Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, and a number of Democrat (of course) U.S. Senators. “Yo, watch us win an argument! We’ll just throw the other side in jail!”

Remember when there used to be this thing called “reason,” and these other things called “facts,” which were supposed to be used to persuade people that this or that was right or wrong, true or false? Well, they don’t need that stuff anymore. Taking a leaf from “President” Obama’s book, they have turned to communism to “just use what works”–in this case, brute force ruthlessly applied by persons with no more morals than a bucket of mud.

Don’t forget–most of these are the same chowderheads who are always howling about there already being too many people in jail for actual criminal offenses.

Oh, well–spring the rapists, armed robbers, women-beaters, and the rest of ’em, and you’ll have plenty of prison space for Climate Change Deniers. With room left over for those who refuse to celebrate Gay Marriage.

May God  cut off this evil suddenly.


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