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LGBT Leader: ‘Purveyors of Hate’ Using Religion to Discriminate

The Human Rights Campaign is putting fierce pressure on North Carolina lawmakers to repeal the state’s new bathroom law in its upcoming session.

At a Raleigh press conference Thursday, CBN News asked national LGBT strategist and Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin why conservative Christians should oppose the measure, known as HB 2.

“To be honest, I’m not aware of those who support the bill,” Griffin responded.

Griffin said that while many Christians oppose the bill, “the most Christian of values says, ‘Love thy neighbor. Thou shalt not judge.’ We are all God’s children.”

He also warned “the purveyors of hate may attempt to abuse and use religion to justify discrimination, but they ultimately can’t get away with it.”

The new bathroom law sets a statewide policy for government bathrooms, mandating that people use the bathroom that corresponds with the gender on their birth certificate.

Supporters of the law say that it will help to keep women and children safe by denying predators posing as transgender people access to opposite sex bathrooms. LGBT advocates say the law discriminates against transgender people who want to use the bathroom of their choice.

Griffin predicted that the more the public hears the stories of transgender people the more “hearts and minds will be changed.”

Meanwhile, many faith leaders are urging lawmakers to stand their ground and resist calls to repeal the measure.

Report via CBN News


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