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Awaking in the Matrix


“You take the blue pill — the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.”

Morpheus, The Matrix

The days of me caring whether or not people look at me like some conspiracy kook have ended. Call me what you will. A huge donation to this personal transformation has come as a result of watching this dog and pony Primary.

I’ve been careful not to align myself with any republican candidate outspokenly for the reason that no one can really tell if a politician is who he says he is, till he sits behind the big desk and flexes a bit. I know a few of the candidates have chosen to give us previews already (and no, I’m not talking about Trump).

The transformation, I have to admit, has come with a bit of disappointment. I think like Neo in The Matrix, after taking the red pill, there was a moment of relent, of grieving. “Is this really what the world is? Have I been part of a lie all this time?

It has forced me to adopt the creed “trust no one“.

I believe as time flees us, the term conspiracy theory will eventually shorten to just conspiracy.

I watched a documentary on Big Pharma, The AMA, and cancer last night. Again, I was hoping that all the whispers concerning corruption, were just musings of old schizophrenic veterans suffering from extreme bouts of PTSD. But with the copious amounts of info, documents and medical practitioner testimonials (and I’m talking dozens of them), one can’t help but sink back into the couch in grief, at how corrupt the world has become.

I believe that with the lies presented by Naturalistic Science, claiming that we are the result of random chance (a fallacy that itself opposes empirical science) has come the excuse to drop all such private morality (that one may have previously practiced when people were not looking).

This attitude, that morality is just a social construct is evil beyond reason and breeds the most heinous of monsters. No personal right or wrong means all sorts of devilry practiced in the quiet.

And so, we find ourselves in a world that teaches our young to ere on the side of caution when it comes to believing in a Creator. Which leaves them no choice but to run around this world as feral dogs, from one garbage can to the next, acting out the first and any impulse without conscience.

Because of this, we can trust no one.

Admittedly, the Trust No One creed brings a funny picture to even my mind. The Establishment has mocked it as crazy talk, “Conspiracies never happen!”

The word “conspiracy” is a perfectly usable noun, even today, considering the way this world has acted throughout history.

Ancient Rome had two separate yearlong periods, one in which four emperors ruled, the other in which five ruled (again, both in the span of a one year period!). Each Emperor crowned after another. This was not the result of cancer or heart disease. One faction knocked off the next, sometimes family member against family member. Some coups done out in the open, some done in private.

Lust for coin is the root of all evil (1 Tim 6:10). This lust seethes into the environment by way of plans to conquer, supersede or rob (within the law, or outside).

Thus the lack of godly conscience and the denial of the deity Himself, drives people to a corruptness that is beyond description. Other lives become worthless. People are simply change in your pocket. It’s the reverse of the commandment to love your neighbor as yourself (Matt 22:39).

Hence conglomerates, faceless black holes that swallow up the neighboring planet, steal from the poor, sell death to the children and fund the sustaining of disease.

Unfortunately, these are supposed to be the ones we can trust. I mean many of these agencies openly boast of being “government regulated”. In many cases, the ones not to trust are themselves, these government agencies.

JG, are you telling me that we don’t live in a democracy? Yes gentle reader; I am finally coming out, on record, saying just that.

Who should we not trust in particular?

A number of fronts come to mind and I’m sure after this read, you will figure out some more. Corruption’s tentacles reach far and wide.

Let’s discuss the obvious ones.

Don’t trust the government

All is not as it seems.

For years outspoken (occasionally bordering lunacy) Alex Jones has talked about an agenda by those who place presidents, start coups, topple economies and culture civil wars. They are supposedly rich families and factions that run it all behind the scenes, whether Dem or GOP, it doesn’t matter (think James Bond’s Spectre).

And as I sit here and watch the GOP, far lefties and Fox News hold pitchforks high, with spittle spraying anti-slogans against the Master of the Deal, I realize that there is a faction behind it all. I am a believer now.

I would guess that Trump was an under-site for whoever pulls the strings. They obviously didn’t count on the ballot poll zombies actually giving a rip if their elected President would pull the US out of the toilet or not. Some how the only people that they hoped to affect were the illegal immigrants, ghetto kids and Cake shop killers. They didn’t think that Trump would make any headway; maybe he’d have a Ross Perot kind of showing of some sort, but he certainly wouldn’t lead the pack.

But that’s what Donald Trump has done. Perhaps his slip ups, crass remarks and white collar humor has shown the crowd that he is who he says he is and that he means to do what he says he means to do. He’s imperfect, in all sense of the word, and that puts him ahead of the varnished teeth, forced smiles and political correctness of the other sponsored candidates. He’s a meat and Potatoes, US bred all-American.

He funds his own campaign and therefore owes no favors if he wins.

These things (as well as his financial knowledge) make DT an ideal choice for leadership. You would think that his own party would see that also. But how does the GOP react? They attempt to tar and feather him. They bully, they insult, they slander, they bring in others to slander. Obviously this was out of desperation. I mean just look at the winners they brought in to burry him, Cain and Romney? Really?

Obviously the GOP doesn’t believe in democracy as they are trying to force people to not vote for Trump. That scares me. That screams “autocracy” to me. That tells me that someone beneath the surface makes the decisions, not the people. If the rumors are true (as well as the mounting evidence) then the same group might decide, “This year Hilary; three years down the road Rubio”. Obama is not there by accident. Yes a ton of tres-stupid people voted for him, but he has done as he pleases almost uncontested by the American public. Trust not the government my friend.

 Don’t trust the American Medical Association

A really, really good documentary about the disease of ‘Big Pharma’ and it’s connection to the preservation of cancer is being released in a nine part series called “The Truth About Cancer – A Global Questright now as I type.

It includes many, many health experts. They all somberly agree that the AMA is run by the Pharmaceutical corporations of the Western world. Names like Bayer, Pfizer and Novartis are linked with atrocities that would be too much for even satan himself to commit. These are trusted household names. I bet I could find a number of their products in my bathroom cabinets right now.

But the facts are presented in a manor that allows the watcher to check it out for themselves. And unfortunately what Ty Bollinger reports, seems backed by truth.

The facts? Chemotherapy and radiation drugs are not only carcinogenic but end up creating secondary complications (even other cancers). They only treat the tumors, while simultaneously feeding the stem cells from where the cancer originates. Most often the now stronger stem cells produce an even more aggressive cancer down the road. Oops! More Chemo then (and more money for Big Pharma!). The whole system is a money-printing scheme.

I mean, you always hear coffee talk about holistic cures, but 99 out of 100 people, if facing cancer now, will choose what the doctor approves. And that will be either chemo, radiation or both.

Even worse, is that specifically on cancer treatment drugs, many Drs make kickbacks of about 6% of what the drug costs. I’ve actually had this corroborated by an old friend who sold pharmaceuticals for a big company out east.

Apparently when polled, 90% of Oncologists said they themselves would not do Chemo or radiation.

So would I add, “Don’t trust your Dr”? Not necessarily, most regular MDs only regurgitate what the labs report. What I would certainly say is get a number of opinions on your disease.

Don’t trust The News

Back in the day, before the World Wide Web, people got their information from four places exclusively:

  1. Television
  2. Radio
  3. Newspapers
  4. Ol’ Jeb down the road.

Now with the World Wide Web being infused into our everyday lives, we can read various opinions and reports relating to world events. News sources provide anything from “LSD trip” resembling reports, to Zucherberg propaganda to ‘garbo’ that is only two legal words away from being an infomercial. It’s all there on the Web. And somewhere buried in all the sensationalism, porn and sludge is also the truth. But it’s rare to find this truth thing coming from a major station, it just is. It works sort of opposite the way it should. You are more likely to find the whole truth in a lesser-known news source. The reason: two words, “sponsorship” and “Agenda”.

Don’t trust the FDA

While grocery shopping one evening, when first married, I challenged my wife to find something in the supermarket that was without processing of any kind (this meant natural, organic and if possible non-GMO).

After about forty-five minutes we had come up with maybe four or five foods. I don’t even know if they were Certified Organic or just titled “Organic” (a trick the food industry uses often).

There has been some improvement since then, but at a much greater cost to the consumer. The Organic producers seemed to have sensed the desperation in some of us to not be eating plastic and hence jacked the prices.

Most of us struggle to put organic non-GMO food on the table and therefore suffer the guilt of feeding Cheeze Wiz to our kids.

Let’s put one fact on the table that pinpoints exactly where the FDA stands on healthy food. Michael R Taylor, the ex-VP, of what I would term the highly satanic Monsanto chemical company, was placed by Barak Hussein Obama (heavy on the Hussein) as the Deputy Commissioner of the American Food and Drug Administration.

Yes, Monsanto, possibly being the most rightfully scorned polluter of food and agriculture worldwide has given the US FDA one of their most loyal.

It’s no wonder that chemicals such as Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), Aspartame, Sucralose, Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT), Yellow #5, Soybean oil, Propylene glycol alginate (E405), Polysorbate 60, Textured soy protein concentrate, carrageenan, maltodextrin, disodium inosinate, disodium guanylate and modified cornstarch are perforating our everyday food.

These are just a touch of the over 3000 food chemicals that the FDA passes (even though they leave huge questions to whether or not they are safe).

The FDA accepts pro, super lopsided studies that are acquiesced by crooked physicians or chemists and uses them as their justification for poisoning the public. Proper independent studies on almost every food additive available almost always fire warning shots over our heads.

The FDA has also unfairly cracked down on natural foods and medicines (a story for another time).

So let’s summarize what has been a fairly negative article:

  1. Conscience is becoming a thing of the past. The naturalistic science community would have you believing in a system that calls you the product of random chance. Whether they are willing to admit it or not, this destroys the reason for living a moral life.
  2. Our government is corrupt and the voting process is just a façade. We are ruled by an Autocracy.
  3. The American Medical Association is controlled by Big Pharma. It is pushing cancer treatments that don’t work. For the most part, they scorn natural medicine.
  4. Our news outlets are lying to us; feeding us the agenda of The Autocracy.
  5. The FDA is passing poisonous chemicals to be placed into almost all our foods.

One saving grace is that of knowing that God is still in control, He still wins in the end, and we eventually get to be with Him. But I guess finally taking the plunge and admitting to myself and others that we actually do live in a Matrix sort of environment will force me to re-evaluate where I put my time and effort.

I will now be outspoken on fighting the Smiths (autocracy) and how to deal with them. It might be a bit of a learning curve for us all, if we want to squash this system.

Join me.


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