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Stanford Students Ban Western Civilization


Okay, the headline is a little misleading. What the [Stanford] students–since when do these bucket-heads get to have a say in the curriculum?–actually banned was a proposal to have the kiddies take courses in Western Civilization: you know, that thing they all live in.

An effort by a group of Stanford University students to restore a Western civilization class requirement has been decisively rejected by the student body, with voting results released Monday showing it mustering less than 15 percent support.

The ballot initiative was promoted by members of the school’s conservative-leaning Stanford Review. If passed, it would have called for Stanford to require that all freshmen complete a two-quarter course covering “the politics, history, philosophy, and culture of the Western world.” Stanford once possessed a similar requirement, but eliminated it after a student campaign in the 1980s that denounced it as fostering racism, sexism, and other perfidious -isms.

But by a 6-1 vote, the student government–I’m beginning to find that term somewhat threatening, like “people’s soviet” or something–forbade these courses to be taught. In fact, they expressed “outrage” that anyone should even think of studying Western Civilization.

You’ve probably already guessed the reason: Western Civilization, say the ignoramuses, is “upholding White supremacy,” yatta-yatta. And it’s racist, too. But then everything is racist and I, for one, don’t care anymore.

Why do I cover these innumerable examples of collidge turning its students into idiots?

To warn you what you’re letting yourself in for, if you’re about to send a son or daughter to college. It’s going to cost you plenty, and the end result is likely to be a pluperfect idiot who throws a tantrum whenever he sees or hears or reads anything that doesn’t match his incredibly narrow and altogether ridiculous world-view.

To equip you, in case you ever have to discuss this with someone who thinks everybody ought to go to college, with facts as ammunition.

If possible, to deter you from sending your daughter or your son to a college where the staff will finish the job that public schools and popular culture have started on the students’ minds.

Remember–college is now synonymous with idiocy.


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