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‘Restoring All Things’


How can Christians tell our story in a culture that is increasingly hostile toward our message?

Yesterday at FRC, Warren Cole Smith answered that question in an FRC lecture concerning his new book, Restoring All Things: God’s Audacious Plan to Change the World through Everyday People. Co-authored with another longtime friend of FRC, the Colson Center’s John Stonestreet, the book “cuts through the chaos and uncertainty to show you how God is powerfully active and intensely engaged in fulfilling His promise to restore all things. Through inspiring real-life stories of justice, mercy, love, and forgiveness in our communities and neighborhoods, you’ll encounter a God who is intimately involved in His creation and using His church to work out the redemption of this world.’

Warren offered four summary ideas for how believers can penetrate the social fog of our time, one that obscures the wonderful work Christ is doing in and through His people on behalf of a world so in need of His redemptive love and transformation.

He concluded with the story of the “plague of Cyprian,” a virulent disease that swept through the Roman Empire from 250-270 AD. Although Christians were blamed for the plague, they ministered — often at the cost of their lives – to those dying from it. This caught the attention of the pagan society and led to the emergence of what had been a marginalized and often persecuted faith to being the dominant faith of the Empire itself.

So, as Warren admonished, Christians need to run to the plagues of our time to bring the good news about Jesus to a hurting world.

Christianity in action is the most powerful force on the planet. Watch Warren’s compelling lecture and learn how you can bring this restorative message to those all around you.


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