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Take a Deep Breath and Settle Down

By USAF Maj (Ret) Robert Colvin

Republicans and conservatives need to take a deep breath and settle down.

It is disappointing that the Republicans in the House and Senate did not vote to repeal Obamacare and did not hold votes to put Democrats on the record and did not bury the president in bills he would veto, as they had promised, but the Republican Party is a private entity and they will always seek to preserve their power.

Despite this, the Republican Party is far superior to the Democrat/Socialist party.

There have been claims in the conservative media that Republican voters in Colorado were disenfranchised when the decision was made and published last August not to hold a statewide primary. Nobody was disenfranchised. Colorado voters who took the time to know the rules attended precinct caucuses and VOTED for state delegates who went to the state convention and selected the national delegates.

The Republican candidate for President is not selected by popular vote. The party selects the candidate. Likewise, a popular vote does not elect the President of the United States, the Electoral College does. This is an operating feature of this republic.
Trump supporters think that if he has the highest plurality of votes at the convention on, say, 1200 on the first ballot, he should not be denied the nomination because he is in the lead in votes. But Trump cannot be “denied” the nomination unless it is taken from him after he receives 1237 or more delegate votes at the Republican National Convention. Nobody has won anything yet and more people are voting non-Trump than for Trump.

Recently, in a NASCAR Sprint Cup Race, The Duck Commander 500, in Fort Worth, Texas, Martin Truex had, without question, the fastest car. He led the most laps and was in command but his team decided not to stop for fresh tires near the end and he finished sixth. Should he have been awarded the trophy as winner because he had the consensus fastest car? No, he finished sixth.

Abraham Lincoln was a distant second place on the first ballot at the 1860 Republican Convention but William Seward did not have the required 233. Here were 13 candidates vying for the nomination. On the second ballot, another candidate, Simon Cameron, who controlled the Pennsylvania delegation, switched their votes to Lincoln to get him close. In the middle of the third ballot, Robert Enos convinced three members of the Ohio delegation to switch to Lincoln which started a surge of voters to switch and Lincoln ended up with 364 of the possible 466. Like Truex, Seward led the race until the finish line.

There is nothing new in racing or politics.

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