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IFI’s Higgins Discusses Religious Freedom Versus LGBT Agenda on WBBM Radio


I can barely contain my exuberance! Last week, IFI’s own Laurie Higgins recorded an interview with Craig Dellimore for his weekly “At Issue” news program to discuss religious liberty versus the radical LGBT agenda.

Make no mistake, this type of mainstream media exposure — an uninterrupted half hour examination of the issues from a conservative perspective — is exceedingly rare. While the media usually misrepresents orthodox Christians and how we live our faith in the public square, this was an amazing opportunity to elaborate on the Judeo-Christian principles we seek to uphold.

Laurie hit a grand-slam in terms of articulating and explaining our position. This message was aired on WBBM radio, a 50,000-watt station, reaching a large secular audience in the greater Chicago area and beyond. It is likely that many listeners have never heard a conservative defense of these issues. I thank God for this rare opportunity.

Please pray that what Laurie was able to communicate would resonate with those who were listening, and bring greater awareness of the plight of religious liberty in our culture and a greater understanding of sexual morality.

Laurie is an invaluable member of the IFI team. Anyone who reads her writings knows how extraordinary she is at composing thought-provoking and compelling articles that help us think through contemporary issues and godless worldviews that dominate the public square. These same skills came across winsomely in this interview as she answered tough but important and fair questions by Mr. Dellimore.  Few people are able to do what she did in this interview so effectively.

I highly recommend that you stream or download the podcast of this program and take 28 minutes to listen to it in the near future, and then please consider sharing this interview with your friends, family and neighbors. It will bless you and equip you in defending our faith.

Listen to the interview below:

First published at Illinois Family Institute


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