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Freedom: A License to Discriminate? Of Course


Round three has begun. The state of Mississippi passed a religious freedom protection law and the leftist media and Democrat politicians have come out in full force to malign, smear and slander the citizens of that state and their leaders. Mississippi’s Governor Phil Bryant has demonstrated that he is not the gutless and cowardly sort of Republican that Indiana’s Mike Pence and Georgia’s Nathan Deal have demonstrated themselves to be.

Radical LGBT militants and their sinister corporate and media allies are once again directing their wrath toward states that are passing similar religious freedom protection laws. It’s an unfortunate reality that in today’s America, the foundational rights of the U.S. Constitution must be bolstered by state law in order to secure them from an arrogant and belligerent federal judiciary and from renegade state and local elected officials.

Emboldened by seven years of a lawless, radical president, attorneys general, governors and mayors increasingly ignore or refuse to enforce the very laws and constitutions that they swore oaths to protect and defend. Mississippi’s law is being condemned by the left as a “license to discriminate.” Any comparison of the detestable LGBT belligerence to the racial discrimination or honorable struggle of the civil rights era is absurd, ignorant and utterly reprehensible. Discrimination of homo- and transsexuals is based solely upon their own aberrant behavior and not any inherent or immutable characteristic.

The truth is that our very foundational document, the Declaration of Independence, gives every U.S. citizen the right and even, the obligation, to discriminate between good and evil, between right and wrong, and between the noble and the profane.

For decades we have listened to the American Left claim a basis for the illegitimate right not to do good, but rather, to engage in gross immorality. Herein lies the obscene hypocrisy of the Left. The very people who most vociferously champion the right to revel in reckless depravity, would deny others the right to separate themselves from it.

North Carolina Governor, Pat McCrory has been targeted by the same sinister forces simply for signing a law that prevents local elected officials from over-stepping their legal authority by modifying that state’s anti-discrimination laws. He too, has been subjected to lies, slander and false personal attacks.

The LGBT axis accuses Governor McCrory of promoting discrimination because the law he recently signed, H.B. 2, prevented Charlotte City Council and Mayor Jennifer Roberts from opening public restrooms to those who “self-identify” with the gender they are not. The Mayor’s actions would have put all women and girls in the city of Charlotte at great and unnecessary risk through deceptively named “LGBT non-discrimination policies.” All decent people have a right and an obligation to discriminate between men and women in public restrooms and locker rooms where they expect to be safe.

The ongoing conflicts in the southern states are the direct result of reckless, unconstitutional and politically-motivated decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court and federal courts, and they are likely to continue for years to come. Two forces have done enormous damage to the fabric of American society over the past fifty years:  the ignorance and the hypocrisy of the American Left. Both are staggering and currently on display from coast to coast in cases like these.

As a nation, Americans must abandon the inane idea that the government can or should protect people from the consequences of their own sins, and refuse to tolerate foolish and dangerous policy initiatives like those promoted by Mayor Roberts. Attempting to protect people from the consequences of their own evil decisions is a favorite device of Democrat politicians. Some will even fraudulently present such idiocy as compassion, even though it breeds more sin, financial waste and untold human misery.

We were forewarned of the possibility that these days would come. Two centuries ago American founder and second U.S. President John Adams said, “Our Constitution is designed only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for any other.” Of course, the American Left is far too ignorant and arrogant to accept this truth. They believe that policies that have failed on every previous occasion will one day succeed if only they are given complete power to put them into effect. May God help us to deny them that bleak and terrible day.


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