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Trump Kicks Off Wisconsin Campaign with a Serving of Humble Pie

Presidential candidates are less than 24 hours away from another primary, and all of them are making last-ditch efforts to rack up as many votes in Wisconsin as they possibly can.

For GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, that push includes calling on Ohio Gov. John Kasich to drop out of the race – while also eating a bit of humble pie.

The billionaire admitted he’s made a few mistakes in the last week, especially when it comes to women voters.

“Was this my best week? I guess not. I could have done without the retweet, etc, etc.,” he said.

Trump now says if he could have a do-over, he would not have re-tweeted an unflattering picture of Heidi Cruz, the wife of Republican rival, Sen. Ted Cruz.

Unimpressed, Cruz fired back, “It’s gotten to the point where I could not care less about Donald Trump.”

At this point, polls show Cruz beating Trump in Wisconsin ahead of Tuesday’s GOP presidential primary.

The news comes as Trump is trying to recover from statements he made last week saying a woman should be punished if she has an abortion.

“Well… I would have… answered it in a different manner, yes. I would have rather answered it in a different manner, yeah,” Trump said.

Meanwhile, Cruz took a jab at Trump, saying, “Donald’s answers are the answers of someone who is a liberal trying to say what he thinks conservatives want to hear.”

The abortion issue is also sparking trouble on the Democratic side of the presidential debate.

Frontrunner Hillary Clinton managed to upset both sides with her comments about constitutional rights and the “personhood” of an unborn baby.

“Under our laws currently, that is not something that exists. The unborn person doesn’t have constitutional rights,” Clinton told NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

But as The Washington Times reports, pro-choice advocates say a fetus is not a child, while pro-lifers argue that calling an unborn child a “person” would indicate that it does have constitutional rights.

Clinton faces a tight race in Wisconsin Tuesday, with big turnout for rival Sen. Bernie Sanders over the weekend in Madison, the state’s most liberal city.

But with only hours left until the polls open in the state, candidates in both parties are pushing hard, especially on the Republican side where Cruz is looking to win and slow down Trump’s momentum.

Report via CBN News


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