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Why I’m No Longer Pro-Life


I’m no longer pro-life. Or at least I no longer support the pro-life movement now that I’ve learned that it is just as much of a scam as conservatism is.

A little over a week ago Donald Trump answered a hypothetical question from Chris Matthews about whether the government should punish women who have abortions if abortion was illegal. Trump initially said there should be some sort of punishment. That’s a logical answer, and one you’d think the pro-life movement and conservatism would support after decades of telling us abortion is murder and that we should outlaw it.

Yet almost as soon as Trump issued that temporary answer, the pro-life movement and conservatives unanimously condemned him and said he hurt the pro-life movement.

This shows me that pro-lifers, just like the rest of conservatives, have run a scam all these years. In other words, pro-lifers have demanded that we give them money to fight what they have said is the murder of unborn children, yet when someone logically says that women should be punished for murdering unborn children if the U.S. ever outlaws abortion, they immediately attack that person.

I’ve heard all the excuses for why pro-lifers and conservatives reacted the way they did. “Abortion is still murder, but we don’t want to punish the mother for it.” Then abortion isn’t really murder and you’ve lied all these years. “Abortion is still murder, but sometimes women are coerced or forced into having them.” I agree that such things happen. But treat those situations like you would with anyone else who was coerced or forced into doing something illegal.

So go ahead. Have as many abortions as you want. If a mother killing her unborn child isn’t guilty of anything—if she indeed is the “victim”—then the idea that abortion is murder is yet another lie pro-lifers and conservatives have advanced over the years in order to raise money even as they’ve never really opposed it and have no desire to defeat it.

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