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The REAL Enemy Of Freedom Is Hiding In The Last Place You’d Expect To Find It


Whenever one hears the word “libertarian” we often think of a political philosophy that promotes freedom and opportunity and favors less government. Indeed, it’s become “cool” in many youth oriented circles on the right to claim to be a libertarian and not one of those “stuffy” social conservatives. Lisa Kennedy Montgomery, AKA “Kennedy,” is a classic in this regard. As the host of her ownFox show and a regular on many other Fox shows like The Five, she never misses an opportunity to snippily remind her audience that she’s a libertarian and will routinely make remarks like “I’m for gay rights” and bash the idea of closing our border to illegal aliens and terrorists.

But in practice, libertarianism leads to big government and it always has. On the issue of gay rights, Kennedy, as a libertarian, should know that government cannot create phony “rights” for people based on some abnormal sexual behavior. Such a notion is completely contrary to the founders’ vision. No one has proved that homosexuality is genetic and, indeed, the massive “Human Genome Project” involving thousands of geneticists, was unable to find a homosexual gene. So why are we granting “rights” to people based on a trait they are not born with?

Moreover, the evidence still favors the idea that homosexuality is a behavior shaped by environmental – and sometime traumatic – events that usually occur during youth. When government grants rights to a class of people based upon on an abnormal behavior, it generally comes at the expense of real constitutional rights.  And that’s what is now happening all over America. As Americans, gays enjoy the same constitutional rights as everyone else but the gay rights agenda is designed to undermine the basic constitutional rights of others.

Hence, the avalanche of attacks on bakers, florists, county clerks, etc., and the lawsuits targeting private Christian schools and private adoption agencies. And the Obergfell gay marriage case – which Kennedy supported — gave homosexuals a tool to dramatically increase such attacks on our religious liberty, freedom of association, and other precious freedoms that we all thought libertarians were supposed to defend. But Kennedy is apparently fine with such attacks and has avoided any mention of the assault Obergfell has unleashed on our constitutional rights. Some Libertarian.

Indeed, when libertarians abandon the Bill of Rights in favor of defending an abnormal lifestyle, it’s a sign that this political movement is more concerned about hedonism than about protecting our rights. And the gay rights movement planned this all along. After all, very few homosexuals are taking advantage of the Obergfell decision to get married; that was never their ultimate goal. Instead, the goal was to destroy the institution of marriage and the Christian culture American was founded upon. And the libertarians fell for it. Thanks Kennedy.

Legalization of drugs is another issue libertarians like Kennedy like to support. But the idea that legalized drugs will NOT lead to more usage by the youth is a fantasy. Reports coming out of Holland, Portugal and other countries which legalized drugs have concluded that legalization has created more users and made things worse. But Kennedy won’t tell her viewers about those reports.

Millions of youth are addicted already to meth, heroin and prescription drugs and millions more will become addicted if legal barriers are removed. Drug addicts are, in general, unemployable and they usually end up as wards of the state. Drug addiction is hurting America’s productivity and our welfare state is growing in order to take care of these addicts. So while libertarians yap about the joys of legalized drugs, the reality is that drugs are making our government bigger and our taxes higher. Those of us who work for a living have to pay for those who won’t and can’t work because the libertarians have made drug usage a “right.”

On trade, the libertarians have signed off on some of the most outrageous trade agreements. From NAFTA to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), these so-called “trade” agreements in fact create large bureaucratic international agencies to regulate trade. All of these agreements give anti-American Third World bureaucrats the power to regulate America’s health, safety, wage, and employment laws in order to supposedly “level” out the playing field. But let me assure you, they do not impose these same regulations on the rest of the world.

These trade agreements have become all about regulating the evil USA in order to give an advantage to other countries. Why do you think America has such a massive trade deficit? And wasn’t NAFTA and other trade deals supposed to do with away with the trade deficit? Real free trade is when one person wants to sell a product or a service to another person in another country without the heavy hand of government regulating this exchange. A few libertarian leaders understood this like the late Murray Rothbard, but modern day libertarians have been mostly supportive of these agreements even though they have generally made trade more regulated at the expense of American companies.

Lastly, regarding the issue of immigration, the libertarians believe in “the free movement of people” and oppose any border controls like the type being promoted by Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. But a key to a prosperous and free society is the constitutional concepts of sovereignty and citizenship so when these principles are undermined, it reduces the freedom and prosperity of everyone. The idea that we should grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens and thus attract millions more to be amnestied down the road is, of course, a recipe for disaster. The estimated 20 million illegal aliens already in the U.S. has caused our welfare programs to balloon and every study on this topic shows that Illegals cost us far more in services than they pay in with the few taxes they may pay (sales tax, etc.).

Indeed, the Obama administration even distributes pamphlets south of the border that describe all the programs illegal aliens can qualify for if they are able to evade our border patrol.  A few generations ago, most illegal aliens came to America in search of work but today, a large percentage of them are coming to the U.S. to take advantage of our generous welfare programs. Moreover, because it is the Democrats who promise them welfare benefits, illegal aliens are all registering Democrat and this has been a Democrat strategy for decades. The Democrats know if they can’t convince a majority of Americans to support their loony socialist policies, they will simply bring in new voters who are dependent upon welfare programs.

The idea is to create a society in which there are more “takers” than “producers,” otherwise known as socialism. And yet the libertarians blissfully opposed any effort to stop illegal aliens from coming to America while the welfare state grows, taxes increase, and wages for law abiding Americans are reduced.

Again, the libertarian idea of “freedom of movement” sounds great on paper but it runs headlong into the reality that illegal aliens are costing American taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars due to their impact on our welfare system, our schools, our hospitals and our criminal justice system. Not to mention, they are joining the Democrat Party which seeks to destroy the American experiment of limited government.

These four issues: gay rights, drug legalization, trade, and illegal immigration, are all leading to more government, more regulations, and more taxes. Moreover, gay rights are undermining the very notion of constitutional liberties and immigration is undermining the notion of sovereignty, two elements absolutely necessary to maintaining freedom. Ultimately, libertarianism leads to less freedom, not more. Libertarianism is an attractive philosophy but it needs to be judged how it is carried out in the real world and so far, it feeds right into the big government trends that we conservatives have been fighting for generations. Until Kennedy and other on-air libertarians address these issues, I hope all conservatives turn these shows off.


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