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Apple, New York and Progressive Hypocrisy Force Others into Their Boycotts


As deep as the Mariana Trench, so is the hypocrisy of the Second Sexual Revolution. They want Christians  to serve that which they deem deplorable but are not willing to apply the same standard to themselves.

This dark pit of duplicity was illuminated these last seven days by the brazen threats from Disney, Apple and Hollywood against the Georgia bill—the bill that reiterated the already-existing constitutional freedom for pastors and churches.

Not to be outdone by last week’s threat to pull business from Georgia, New York and others have banned public employee travel to North Carolina.

Why? They want to support their people, businesses, institutions and states and not others.

Just like Christians.

They want to exercise their freedom of association.

Just like Christians.

They want to mold the society into their own image.

Just like Christians.

But the progressives do not care about this moral equivalence. They will spout absolutists claims of love and equity until America bows to the altar of sexual anarchy.

And they will do so by forcing innocent bystanders to tow the line.

New York does this with its immoral travel ban. Those affected by the ban may be indifferent or hostile to New York’s stance. But they risk violating the law unless they tow the line.

It was not enough for those directly involved with the LGBTQI issues (like bakers and photographers), now those not directly involved are pawns to the Second Sexual revolution’s machinations.

Disney’s threat has similar effects. Those dependent within the company upon work from Georgia would have suffered from a boycott. That includes those indifferent to the issue and even those in favor of the boycott.

But it is not just travel bans and boycotts. It includes the American family. And it has been effectively used for several generations with the conservatives’ implicit consent: public schools.

The schools of America, to one degree or another, have bowed to the progressive cause for many decades. And American families are forced by dint of law to financially support schools, even those contrary to their religious, sincerely-held beliefs.

It is through this indoctrination tool that the enemies of Christianity have flanked us in America. The past generations infused with error are today’s progressive leaders forcing others to support their cause.

Schools, businesses and entire states are forced into involuntary support of anti-Christian, anti-American and anti-human ideologies.

But the Left thinks little of it. Because it is not about love and equality in the abstract. It is about loving progressive lies and making these lies equal to God’s truth.

This latest flare-up comes from the depth of hatred and hypocrisy that is a smoldering flame igniting to higher degrees of passion in a post-Obergefell America.

And it will only get worse unless God brings repentance upon America and a backbone to conservatives of every stripe.



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