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Texas Schools Are Pushing Transgenderism


Most parents shudder to think of their kids learning about sex at school — let alone homosexuality or transgenderism. Unfortunately, that’s where the slippery slope has led in places like Collin County, where moms and dads are outraged to find out that their elementary kids are hearing what it’s like to identify as transgendered. As part of a presentation from high school students, younger kids came home with all kinds of questions about why boys would want to be girls and visa-versa.

Parents like Melissa Marrow, who were never notified that this assembly would take place, are fuming that the Texas school is substituting its judgement for families’. “I think those topics [may make] sense on the high school level,” said Melissa, whose boys were among the third and fourth graders in the audience. “But I don’t’ think my eight- or 10-year-olds are prepared to tackle some of those things without serious questions. I want to be the parent. I want to be able to walk through those things with them and not be surprised.” Good luck with that. While school officials promise to address the concerns individually, they still maintain that the subject was “age appropriate.”

This is why I keep hearing from people who’ve never voted before that they’re making the decision to get involved in this election. They’re starting to realize that national elections have a local effect, especially when topics like this are quietly and secretly making their way into class curriculums. Sadly, this is just another effect of the policies and pronouncements of the Obama administration, which has used its influence and bully pulpit to pursue these aggressive, anti-family, anti-common sense policies. Policies that the American College of Pediatricians has labeled “child abuse.” As moms and dads, we have to be alert to what — and whom — our children are exposed to.

With some LGBT activists promising to “recruit” kids, there’s no limit to the damage that can be done to teenagers who are struggling to deal with peer pressure, hormones, and the many emotions that come with growing up. But this state of teenage (and pre-teen) confusion is exactly when they’re most at risk to the agenda of the Left. It’s up to families to keep their sons and daughters from getting snared into a tragic life of drugs, surgeries, and sexual experimentation. That starts by paying attention to what’s happening in your schools, communities, and even state and national policies. Elections have consequences — and we need to make sure they aren’t negative ones for our children.


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