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When a Deal is No Deal


Amidst a campaign of media distortion and LGBT smears of the “religious right” in the state of Georgia, opponents of HB 757 are once again crying, “Discrimination!”  Georgia’s Pastor’s Protection Act would have provided legal protection to religious organizations and individuals from criminal prosecution and civil sanctions brought by homosexual, bisexual and transsexual militants who are increasingly demanding that their depravity be endorsed by all.  Georgia’s Republican Governor Nathan Deal announced that he would veto the bill after an onslaught of misinformation and protests by LGBT-friendly industries and corporations.

Georgia’s HB 757 would have insulated pastors, business owners and individual people of uncompromising faith from the reprehensible civil and legal coercion that is exploding across America.  These measures were widely predicted to result from the U.S. Supreme Court’s abominable decision in Obergefell v. Hodges which struck down state laws that ban same-sex “marriage.”

HB 757 would have prevented aggressive and overzealous LGBT activists from using tax law or Georgia’s civil court system as weapons against those who are opposed to same-sex couplings or counterfeit marriage on religious grounds.  It does not, however, permit discrimination that is prohibited by previous state or federal law, neither does it afford special rights to anyone based upon his or her religious faith.

Nevertheless, in his remarks announcing that he would veto the bill, Governor Deal attempted to portray his position as one of principle, but it is nothing of the kind.  By caving to the demands of the sodomite lobby and their supporters in Hollywood, Deal threw the righteous religious people of Georgia under the bus and simultaneously, forfeited any vestige of personal moral or professional integrity that he may have previously pretended to own.

In explaining his veto decision, Governor Deal claimed that the bill went too far and that it “allows or encourages discrimination.”  In fact, it does nothing of the sort but rather preempts a coming wave of civil persecution and legal prosecution.  His statement reveals a woeful ignorance about the nature of discrimination.  There is little public confusion that discrimination based upon some immutable personal characteristic is wrong.  But at the heart of this case and every one like it, is chosen aberrant behavior to which discrimination is not only acceptable, it is obligatory.  In this insane American culture in which righteousness is decried as oppression and depravity is extolled as a right, it cannot be surprising that a law intended to protect the innocent from discrimination by the wicked, is itself, condemned as discriminatory.

Governor Deal stated that the egregious cases of legal financial ruin committed against Christians in other states are not likely to happen in Georgia because their laws are different.  He said, “I can find no examples that any of the things this bills seeks to protect us against have ever occurred in Georgia.”  He further claimed to have no knowledge of any similar actions, lawsuits, or civil sanctions in the state of Georgia.  But one thing is certain, he surely will in the days and weeks to come, and the damage done to people in his state will pale in comparison to the financial benefit Georgia may enjoy by capitulating to the ungodly political left and LGBT radicals.

In a tortured explanation rationalizing his action which reads like someone attempting to thread a needle with a tow rope, Georgia’s Governor Deal applauded the efforts of some legislators to “purge this bill of any possibility that it will allow or encourage discrimination.”  In this day, no such bill can be written that will satisfy that standard, and he surely knows that, or should.

Tragically, Gov. Nathan Deal gains nothing for himself or the people of Georgia.  He will never again be able to reclaim the illusion of “principled leadership” that he has so casually jettisoned.  No sooner had his statement been delivered, than the reprobate community denounced him as an unfaithful and unbelieving compromiser.  Some are already saying, “See, we knew that Christian fundamentalists don’t really believe what they say.  As soon as financial pressure is applied, they buckle like a cheap folding chair.”  The mistake that moderate Republicans and nominal Christians habitually fall victim to is that they underestimate or deny the deep-seated and hideous nature of evil that drives the American left.

The overt hatred of Christians by Muslims in the Middle East is rapidly being overshadowed in America by the godless left and members of the LGBT Beast who owe their very lives and fortunes to the antecedents of those they now seek to destroy and defile.  The result of this decision is that the Beast has been fed and will grow stronger.  Compromisers like Gov. Nathan Deal will continue to permit the subversion of religious liberty until the American people say, “Enough!”

There can never be a compromise with depravity that will allow Christians to abstain from immorality and remain unsullied by its effect on American society.  Neither can there be any help or hope for those caught-up in perverse homosexual lifestyles without a robust proclamation of the truth by the Church.

Unless Georgia legislators can override the Governor’s veto, they will need many more laws to address the wreckage of Deal’s feckless and unprincipled refusal to stand against the Enemy.  We can either choose to follow God ten simple laws or we shall need ten thousand times ten thousand laws in their place.


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