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Obama BB Game in Cuba

Unbelievable! World Watches Obama Repeat Same Stupidity


Hold it, Larry! Labeling a president’s actions as “stupid” is going too far, isn’t it? Aren’t you being disrespectful? Over-the-top?

Not at all!

While I pray for our president daily and have done so for over seven years, there are times that Barack Obama’s behavior warrants this biblical term because it adversely affects our lives. This is one of them. There’s too much at stake to whitewash what’s going on.

The dictionary defines stupidity as “behavior that shows a lack of good sense or judgment.” The Bible unapologetically states that “He who hates correction is stupid” (Prov. 12:1b N.I.V).

Let’s first rewind the tape to the horrific execution of American journalist James Foley in 2014. President Obama was going golfing. The world watched the barbaric beheading and waited with bated breath for our commander-in-chief’s response.

You may recall that after a brief statement, President Obama flashed his megawatt smile beneath his sunglasses and simply continued his golf game as if nothing had happened.

The image of this unbelievable response remains seared in millions of memories to this day. The avalanche of criticism from around the world that followed finally brought him to admit his most insensitive and foolish mistake.

Chalk it up as a painful lesson learned, right?

Days ago a defiant stake was driven into the heart of the European Union’s capital, Brussels, Belgium. Shrapnel, smoke and shock left 31 killed and over 270 injured. Two Americans were killed and twelve were injured.

A stroke of providence minimized the carnage. As a terrorist botched his plan and one device failed to detonate, the Associated Press revealed ISIS  has 400 jihadists prepared for further attacks in Europe.

Brussels shut down and was at a standstill. The convulsions reverberated throughout Europe from yet another savage Islamic attack–the eighth one of the month. Considering the city’s population it was proportionate to America’s 9/11 nightmare.

Then, you may recall, European heads of state paused in sober reflection and issued statements of sympathetic support. The prime minister of England cut short his vacation to return home while the Queen had our national anthem played ceremoniously in the courtyard. Sobriety and silence ruled the day after deranged Islamists crashed planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

What our president did after the Brussels bombing was both cringe-worthy and incomprehensible to hundreds of millions watching worldwide. It was also embarrassing and difficult to watch. Déjà vu!

Underscoring the seriousness of the situation, newspapers nationwide featured headlines and editorials expressing:

  • “ISIL’s Next Target Could Be Nuclear” (USA Today 3/25/16).
  • “Terror Attacks Inspire New Recruits” (WSJ 3/25/16).
  • “Why Brussels has become ground zero for European jihad…Any country can be hit and probably will be by the spreading jihadist contagion of the Islamic State” (WSJ 3/25/16).

In case you missed it, our president didn’t respond with the same sense of urgency and gravity. He simply issued a brief statement saying ISIL (he doesn’t like referring to radical Islamists as ISIS) is “not an existential threat” (whatever that means) and they are “weak, not strong.” He said something similar hours before the San Bernardino terrorist attack.

In Saturday’s Wall Street Journal (3/26/16), columnist Peggy Noonan wrote “Unite to Defeat Radical Jihadism.” Referring to Obama’s “not an existential threat” brushoff, as the “usual glib talk of politicians, she added, “But if you were at San Bernardino or Fort Hood, the Paris concert hall or the Brussels subway, it would feel pretty existential to you.”

And what were the freeze-frame images of our president conveyed to onlookers in America and throughout the world? The optics were jaw-droppers.

* A sunglassed image of President Obama, this time soaking up the sun at a baseball game in communist Cuba, doing the wave, laughing with Michelle, his daughters and Raul Castro.

* Our commander-in-chief awkwardly dancing a tango in Argentina, not with his wife as his partner, but a sensually dressed Latin lady.

What is wrong with this picture?

Islamic Terrorism: It’s Time to Hit the Mark

For a myriad of reasons, President Barack Obama struggles acknowledging the threat of Islamic terrorism. He minimizes it. He deflects it. He presents a narrative of Islam as a “religion of peace” and a very significant contributor to the founding of America. It’s not true.

After the Brussels attack, Franklin Graham posted on Facebook, “Why does Islam hate so much? It’s because the Quran teaches its followers to hate. Jews, Christians and others are to be subdued so that Islam may prevail over all religions.” (3/24/16)

Former President Bill Clinton recently stated at a campaign stop, “We’ve finally come to the point where we can put the awful legacy of the last eight years behind us.” (3/21/16)

To awaken Americans and educate us to “hit the mark” on Islam and 29 other hot button issues of our day a movement is underway to establish informed influencers in our generation. Concerned citizens are engaging in a 30 day challenge to uncover deception, discover truth and bring light into our darkness.

The Bullseye challenge was launched, endorsed by America’s top Christian leaders, as a resource for pastors, parents, educators, youth leaders and patriotic citizens. The purpose: understand and communicate clearly and confidently a biblical worldview on the issues impacting our lives, our families and our future before it’s too late.

BullseyeThis 15 min/30 day challenge offers immediately accessible, compelling videos and an easy-to-read book that changes lives!

So while our president continues to convey a “coolness” about the reality of the Islamic threat, people are being stirred and disturbed by what’s happening. As a 3 minute sample, click on: Bullseye Challenge and get the facts about this growing, end-time menace alongside the other 29 issues like illegal immigration, climate change, abortion, transgenderism, gay marriage, living together and income inequality.

With America at a tipping point, may we all recognize the reality of the recent Brussels calamity. It’s not complicated but we do need to take it seriously. May we adhere to the K.I.S.S. formula: Keep it Simple Stupid.


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