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Belgium attack

Reformed Islam in the Wake of Brussels?


My acquaintance in Belgium says European Imams are now preaching reform, assimilation, and coordinated resistance to terror. He says the West should finally admit most Muslims are interested in peace and assimilation.

My reply to him:

You don’t expect anything else from the Imams do you?  Of course they will say the politically correct thing. But where is the evidence the majority of Muslims in Europe are assimilating? It does not appear to be true. So when the words do not match the behaviors what do you have?

We hope the Imams are finally calling for reform, but one cannot believe it until there is evidence. Here in the States we see aggression on most every front, demands for all kinds of accommodations, accommodations which frequently infringe upon the rights of others. We also see calculated and well-financed operations to install Sharia throughout the country. And we see heightening attacks and planned attacks driving by substantial jihadist preaching in the mosques.

Imams have been silent for decades for the most part when it comes to reform. Most of what we have heard from them online anyway has been the opposite: the call to Jihad.

We should start talking about ‘Modern’ Muslims versus ‘Medieval’ Muslims, appealing to the Moderns to reform Islam, assimilate, and work toward civilized peace.

It is the only way we are going to get actionable intelligence to prevent attacks and stamp down Jihad.

If Moderns don’t come through, we will certainly know where we stand without all the speculation and internal debate that only causes confusion and division.

If they do come through, all the better.


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