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NC Rejects Transgender Bathroom Rights: ‘It’s Common Sense’

The governor of North Carolina has signed a bill that repeals the transgender bathroom ordinance in Charlotte.

The law clarifies that bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers are limited to persons of the same biological sex.

The Alliance Defending Freedom applauded Gov. Pat McCrory, calling it a common sense decision.

“The privacy rights and safety of North Carolina citizens shouldn’t be cast aside or used as a political pawn for special interest groups that desire to impose their agenda to create a genderless society,” the ADF said in a statement.

Critics say the law is an attack on transgender rights. But supporters have voiced concerns that any man, perhaps a sex offender, could enter a woman’s restroom or locker room simply by calling himself transgender.

“It’s common sense – biological men should not me be in women’s showers, locker rooms and bathrooms,” Rep. Dean Arp, R-Monroe, said before the chamber voted 82-26 for the legislation after nearly three hours of debate.

The law also protects business owners from fines and jail time for having traditional bathrooms.

Report via CBN News


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