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Why Cruz Will Lose and Trump Will Win


Earlier this week, I listened to a woman who is a supporter of Ted Cruz bemoan the success of Donald Trump. Nearly in tears, the exasperated woman asked, “Why are Republicans and evangelicals supporting Donald Trump when we have such a good, solid conservative candidate like Ted Cruz?” It’s a question I have heard many times, and one that I think I can answer.

There are several main reasons that Donald Trump is succeeding in the contest for the Republican party nomination, and many lesser ones. I’m amazed that supporters of Ted Cruz cannot accept or understand them.

The first reason is that Donald Trump is a proven leader and Ted Cruz is not. Those of us who have watched this process unfold from the beginning have seen Donald Trump come out with a handful of problems, propose solutions and refuse waiver in his resolve. Ted Cruz now says that he agrees with Trump’s proposal to build a wall along the Mexican border, but this came only after Donald Trump first proposed it.

Ted Cruz may be a devoted Christian, a fine conservative and a great senator, but he is no leader. He has failed to address the problems that most concern the American people and offer workable solutions for them. Ted Cruz has a very short public resume and his ability to lead a large-scale project or act as an executive either in the private sector or in political office is unknown.

Secondly, Ted Cruz has numerous eligibility issues. He was born in Canada to a mother, Eleanor, who was a U.S. citizen and a father, Rafael Cruz, who was a Canadian citizen until 2005. No less than four lawsuits have been filed challenging Senator Cruz’s natural born citizen status and there will likely be more between now and November. There is sufficient ambiguity in the U.S. Constitution that courts could legitimately decide the cases either way.

Ted Cruz cannot simply fly off to Hawaii, like Obama did in 2008, to have a phony birth certificate printed, nor can he expect the media to cover for him. Instead, Cruz will have to prevail in every lawsuit challenging his status. Many conservatives appear to be unwilling to risk a loss to Hillary Clinton to find out if he will. There are no legitimate reason to question Donald Trump’s citizenship status.

Third, Ted Cruz is an unknown. While there has been much media coverage of Ted Cruz during the nomination process, he is still largely unknown to many American people. Donald Trump does not have this problem. With his popular NBC television program, The Apprentice, Donald Trump is well-known to most Americans. Television viewers have watched him seek advice from close and trusted counselors and then make the decision whether or not to fire someone, dispassionately and without remorse. Many people feel that they know him and can trust him to make sound decisions.

Fourth is widespread voter frustration. Republicans have seen a previous first-term senator (from Illinois) win two presidential elections despite having deep and disturbing character flaws, no political experience, ungodly policy views and similar eligibility questions. Neither John McCain nor Mitt Romney were able to energize voters to the extent that Donald Trump has and continues to do.

Conservatives elected majorities in both houses of Congress and even then, Republicans were unable or unwilling to halt the corruption or expose the incompetence of the Obama administration. On too many occasions, Republican leaders sold out the people who gave them majorities. As a result, there is justifiable distrust among conservatives of Republican politicians causing many to see Ted Cruz as just another Washington politician to be wary of.

Donald Trump refuses to be bound by the unwritten rules of collegial political discourse or the duplicity of bogus political correctness that has framed public debates and hamstrung opposition to depravity, scandal and fraud. Since 2008, opponents who have courageously spoken out against Barack Obama and his lawless administration have been condemned as racists and their opinions summarily dismissed. Donald Trump is unlikely to be hobbled in this way.

The woman I referred to at the beginning said that she believed that Trump supporters are angry and that the best decisions are never made in anger. She is right about that. No one makes his or her best decisions under the influence of anger or fear. Democrats are adept at provoking fear and anger among their uninformed liberal base, but they do this because their policy ideas always have fatal flaws. Trump supporters, on the other hand, are no longer angry. They are enthusiastic, determined, committed and confident in their candidate’s ability to win the nomination and the general election in November.

Hillary Clinton is personally and morally responsible for the deaths of State Department employees at the U.S. embassy in Benghazi, Libya. It is public knowledge that she is guilty of violating numerous U.S. espionage laws for nothing more than her own personal convenience by storing and transmitting classified information via the internet server that she had installed in the bathroom closet of her home in Chappaqua, New York. She is manifestly unsuitable for any public office.

When the time comes to debate Hillary Clinton and expose her crimes, negligence, reckless policy ideas and her contemptuous disregard for the American lives under her authority, Donald Trump will not have to “take the gloves off.” He has never put them on. Ted Cruz has yet to project to the public any confidence in his ability to break the back of an old political warhorse like El Diablo, Hillary Clinton.


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