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How Should Americans Really Respond to Islamic Jihad?

Daily news headlines trumpet new terrorist threats. Muslim men and hijab-clad women with guns and bombs are attacking military bases, businesses, schools, restaurants and rock concerts in the U.S. and abroad.

How are Americans to respond to these threats — with fear, zero-tolerance and suspicion? By closing borders and enacting stringent public policy? Or with acceptance and open arms?

Does the average American understand the origins of Islam? Is terrorism in line with the teaching of Islam? Are ISIS, al Qaeda and Boko Haram indicative of all Muslims? How should the next U.S. president address the terrorism crisis both here and abroad?

Nabeel Qureshi, a studied expert in both Islam and Christianity and a New York Times bestselling author, tackles the hot button issue of modern-day terrorism in his new book, Answering Jihad: A Better Way Forward.

Qureshi has devoted 15 years to the study of Islam and Christianity, earning a master’s degree from Biola in Christian Studies. He is currently studying Judaism and Christianity at Oxford University, pursuing his doctorate.

Qureshi was raised in a devout, loving Muslim home, but during his college years he began to closely examine Islamic teachings, particularly the foundational teaching of Mohammed and the Koran. He also began an intensive investigation of the history of Christianity, leading to his conversion to the Christian faith.

Qureshi’s academic and personal understanding of both religions uniquely qualifies him to enhance public understanding of both religions.

In Answering Jihad, Qureshi covers both straightforward and complex questions asked by non-Muslims around the world, including the following:

  • What is jihad?
  • Is Islam a “religion of peace?”
  • What is radical Islam?
  • Was Islam spread by the sword?
  • Why are Western Muslims being radicalized?
  • Do Muslims and Christians worship the same God?
  • How does jihad compare to the Christian Crusades?

Report via CBN News


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