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America Is Not a ‘Nation of Immigrants’


A letter I recently received from a Republican Congressman’s office states, “America is a nation of immigrants.” That’s not only wrong, but it is not a position from which Republicans can make the case for stopping illegal aliens who have been invading the United States via the Mexican border or for building a wall between the United States and Mexico. It’s nothing but deceptive Democrat sloganeering that will benefit Republicans nothing.

America is not a nation of immigrants. We are a nation that was formed by people who were sent here or brought here against their will, by those who came here of their own volition to escape religious persecution, poverty or famine and by those who immigrated from other nations around the world seeking freedom. But all who came here united together under a common set of laws to form a unique culture. Those who came here seeking freedom, recognized that with freedom comes responsibility. Our ancestors forfeited the citizenships of their native countries and their native cultures in order to become Americans. Once they became citizens, they ceased to be immigrants.

The crisis situation that we have today is that people break into the United States in order to steal jobs, public health and welfare benefits and personal identities, and then return to their native countries or remain here illegally and commit crimes. Even when they are caught and deported they return, often many times. Go to nearly any state health department office, and you will see that the majority of “clients” are pregnant Hispanics who speak little or no English.

How many illegal aliens are currently hiding in the United States? It’s difficult to estimate and it depends upon whose numbers you choose to believe as well as how they were calculated. The Pew Research Center states that the number of illegals has “leveled off” at 11.4 million. This same number, used by the Obama administration, is derived from census data and is less than reliable for obvious reasons.

In 2014, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (I.C.E.) released 30,558 criminal aliens into the general population. These criminals had already been convicted of 92,247 crimes prior to their release, and only 3% were ever deported.

According to the Center for Immigration Studies (C.I.S.), there were a record-shattering, 42.1 million foreign-born immigrants (legal and illegal) residing in the Unites States as of the second quarter of 2015. Clearly, no one in the federal government has any idea how massive the problem of unrestricted immigration has become.

Is it simply a coincidence that we are seeing more and more latinas and latinos in television programs and commercials? No, of course it isn’t. The Democrat media and Hollywood want you to believe that illegals are good, honest and hard-working people who commit no crimes and are here by no fault of their own. They want you to think of them as refugees. They will condemn you as mean, cruel and heartless if you would prevent anyone from coming to the United States, and tell you that it’s only overt racism or xenophobia that would cause someone to deny them entry. While Americans welcome legal immigrants, we have a right and an obligation to prevent intruders.

Expect to see more and more latino actors, singers and comedians on television sitcoms and in documentaries whom the media will invariably portray as “innocent victims.” After all, this was an effective tactic used by the mainstream Democrat media to weaken America’s resolve against lesbianism and homosexuality that other deadly plague that was spawned in California and subsequently exported to the other 49 states.

Do not expect your local television news channel to report to you the fact that the driver who caused last weekend’s traffic fatality was an illegal alien who was DUI. Do not expect your hometown newspaper to mention that the child sex-offender that the police just arrested is an illegal alien who was previously deported numerous times.

The Democrat media is not interested in telling you these facts because they do not trust you with the information. You might go out and do something crazy like demand that your government put an end to this insanity or vote for a presidential candidate who promises to build a border wall and force Mexico pay for it.

America is not a nation of immigrants, but we are at risk of becoming one due to the neglect of Washington lawmakers, the illegal and unconstitutional executive orders of corrupt and incompetent administrations, and the reckless disregard for the law by local leaders in “sanctuary cities.” But one element that is often overlooked is the failure of the American people to demand that our elected leaders address this growing national security threat with substantial and effective actions rather than merely emotional political speeches.

For much of the past thirty years, Washington has been asleep at the wheel, and the media has been burying important information about the danger, scope and human impact of illegal immigration. One productive effect of presidential election campaigns is that issues that have been forgotten are often revealed, reviewed and emphasized. This crisis must be not be permitted to fall through the cracks of a political platform or casually dismissed by leftists looking for a new source of voters.

America will either be a nation of laws, or of lawlessness and chaos. When our elected leaders refuse to respect and enforce our laws, how long can we expect our fellow citizens not to follow them?


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