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Obama’s Starving Oval Office ‘Elephants’


Why are Americans angry enough to seriously consider the candidacy of a narcissist like Donald Trump, frustrated enough that they seem ready for an autocrat?

One reason is pent-up frustration with our lawless president, who pampers pet projects while ignoring the elephants in the room, begging for attention as they crowd together in the Oval Office.

When Barack Obama said he would fundamentally transform America, few anticipated he would ignore real threats to safety and security, while conjuring others. He “negotiates” where strong, protective action is needed and attacks where no interference with law-abiding American citizens is warranted.

The elephants in the Oval Office step all over each other, but Obama doesn’t notice. He’s busy welcoming Muslim radicals while turning a cold shoulder to Benjamin Netanyahu, or stacking the courts with extremists who ignore – or despise – the Constitution.

Or lighting up the White House in the colors of the God-given rainbow, stolen by sexual sinners to brand their degradation.

But Obama is oblivious to the real dangers facing America. Let’s consider these massive beasts, one by one.

As Barack coddles a lapdog called “Racist Identity Politics,” a four-ton elephant called “Black Lives Lost” sits at his right hand, hoping in vain for executive attention. If black lives really mattered, the overwhelmingly disproportionate abortions of black babies would make our president weep.

And even though HIV no longer always decrees a death sentence, the 85 percent increase in HIV among young homosexual black men between 2005 and 2014 is unconscionable.

But sexual self-restraint and respect for unborn black humans are unthinkable as Obama policies. So this elephant slowly wastes away.

Obama strokes a cherished pink poodle named “Sodomy and Gender Anarchy.” Meanwhile, every year 25-30,000 Americans are newly-infected with HIV via completely preventable homosexual sex practices, yet our Centers for Disease Control’s newest HIV epidemic control method is called “Doing It.”

Our military is now stocked with newly empowered homosexual men and women, and the rate of military same-sex rapes has spiked sharply, with soldier morale at its lowest level in decades. In all areas of federal government, workers must now respect the behaviors of proud homosexuals and gender-benders – or face dismissal or lawsuits.

Obama refused to defend federal law on natural marriage (DOMA), leading to a bitter Supreme Court battle and a country split over the prospect of sodomy-based “marriage.”

But we’re supposed to accept this lie.

We are a deeply fractured country, not because of Republicans, the tea party, or Donald Trump rallies, but because of the policies of Barack Obama and the left.

So a mournful elephant called “Virtue” sits ignored in a lonely corner, with no more tears to shed over lives lost, health wasted, innocence corrupted, liberties denied – souls condemned.

An elephant named “Children Betrayed” watches and hopes in vain, but Obama is too busy promoting, shielding and funding abortion providers like Planned Parenthood while cutting authentic abstinence education for teens. His Department of Education has threatened local schools with federal cuts to force unlawful, radical homosexual and gender destruction policies invented by Washington bureaucrats, not part of any law passed by Congress.

Obama seems blind to this creature, yet POTUS perks up when his pet parrots screech, “Gun control!” and “Climate change!” all day long.

On cue, Obama repeats their mantras to the American people.

And there’s a mangy mutt called “Lawlessness” who lurks under the desk of our indulgent commander in chief.

Obama has trashed the integrity of our borders. Anyone with good intentions – or evil – can freely enter the U.S., surely including many sons of jihad and delegates of ISIS, bringing virulent anti-Americanism and plans for revolution. Welcome to America, where our leaders are in lethal denial.

Few Christian refugees gain entry to America, though, despite the record of rape, torture and beheadings. Yet Obama consorts with the Grand Ayatollah Khamenei, or graces the murderous Castro regime with the first visit from a U.S. president in 70 years.

The elephant called “Persecution” gazes through tears, but Obama never sees – except for prisoner swaps with Iran. Meanwhile, Obama tosses treats to an overfed feline named “Religion of Peace” and another called “Friend of Oppressors.”

The elephant called “Peace through Strength” was once the healthiest in the room. He’s growing feebler by the day as American exceptionalism dims and our military might withers. His faithful elephant friend, “Second Amendment,” never sleeps in the presence of Obama, his sworn enemy.

Obama’s lively pet collie, “Spending Spree,” barks sharply as Obama laughs indulgently. The left in Washington joins establishment Republicans to ignore the warning signs of impending financial doom, passing obese budgets that borrow against a precarious future. Our national debt soars.

Obama is thrilled, invoking the spirit of Saul Alinsky as he works to crash the system.

But the elephant called “Balanced Budget,” surprisingly trim, keeps raising his hoof to get Obama’s attention. He is always ignored.

How can we get back in shape, fellow Americans? How do we keep the weight of these problems from crushing us? This Oval Office is starved for new leadership. But it’s ultimately up to we the people to escort each of Obama’s pets to the back porch, where we drop kick them into the night.

And then we feed the elephants again.

How do we start? By recognizing them, calling them by their right names and facing the threats to our national stability.

Gone, big debt. Gone, Muslim terrorists, socialists and their sympathizers. Gone, illegal immigrants. Legal immigrants? Welcome to America. Gone, “gay” agenda and gender confusion. Gone, baby-killing. Gone, HIV epidemic. Gone, judicial activists.

And also gone in January 2017: Barack Obama from the White House. Let’s make sure he is not replaced by another tyrant– or a Jezebel– who brings different, but still alien pets.

Instead, let’s elect a president who immediately greets and hugs the last elephant in the Oval Office I haven’t mentioned yet.

His name is “Constitution.”

Hi, there, good buddy.

First published at WND



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