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Cruz and Trump

A Trump-Cruz Ticket to Morph American Conservatives into Oblivion?


This truth is weighing so heavily on me. I’m afraid that “we, the people,” are going down with the ship “we” chose. Ignorance is ending it. Tyranny will send the faithful underground and off the grid. God help us! (Comment to me from a Facebook friend)

In my WND article last week I make the point that both the socialism of the Democrat wing of the elitist faction and the so-called “pragmatism” of its GOP wing are at odds with the understanding that gave rise to America’s republican form of government. Yet, according to the U.S. Constitution (Article IV.4), that form of government that is supposed to be maintained in all of the United States. These supposedly opposing parties agree with “the assumption that what happens is all that matters, regardless of the way in which it happens”. I then call to mind the fact that “constitutional self-government is all about making sure that what is done conforms to the premises of justice and right that are supposed to inform and substantiate the rightfulness of what is done.”

Ben Carson’s endorsement of Donald Trump has dismayed and disappointed a lot of people who supported him. They thought he could be trusted to represent their concern for right in respect of issues like abortion, or the U.S. Supreme Court’s denial and disparagement of the people’s right, individually and on the whole, to preserve the God-endowed nature of marriage and the human family. I warned against trusting Dr. Carson in this respect when he endorsed a pro-abortion candidate for the GOP’s Senate nomination in Oregon in 2014. From the argument he made in favor of that endorsement it was clear that he put “pragmatism” (his word) above the fundamental principle of respect for right on which the United States was founded. He even went so far as to speak disparagingly about making such issues as abortion a top political priority in times of crisis, referring to them as barnacles on the hull of America’s ship of state.

As I observed in my critique of his decision at the time, Dr. Carson’s argument convinced me that he could not be the principled moral conservative some Christian and pro-life voters insisted on believing him to be. His response to the U.S. Supreme Court’s Obergefell decision offered further proof that that conclusion is reasonably justified. However, in that decision, the Court boldly fabricated a specious right of homosexuals to enter into lawful marriage, thereby denying and disparaging what is the Constitutionally antecedent, inalienable, and therefore inarguably retained right of the people to preserve the God-endowed institution of marriage. But how can the Court’s action be lawful when it plainly violates the explicit language of the Constitution’s 9th Amendment?

On account of the aforementioned conviction, Dr. Carson’s endorsement of Trump did not surprise me. Rather it confirms that Dr. Carson is indeed an unprincipled pragmatist. It is also of a piece with what I see as the elitist faction strategy for Mr. Trump’s candidacy. Dr. Carson was often paired with Trump in the elitist faction media’s reports about the GOP nominating process as an “outsider”. Despite his questionable commitment to the defense of the God endowed unalienable right to life and the preservation of the natural family, he was consistently portrayed as someone who appealed to the moral conservatives for whom those issues are critical concerns.

In this respect, the media persona the elitist faction media fabricated for Dr. Carson was intended to make him the focal point for GOP voters concerned with issues of fundamental right. In this it resembles the media persona built up for Donald Trump, which made him the focal point for voters deeply concerned about the massive influx of illegal immigrants, and its adverse implications for the security, economic status and political sovereignty of the people of the United States.

Donald Trump’s candidacy is an elitist faction ploy. Its whole purpose is to round up the voters disaffected by the deliberately damaging policies the elitist faction has inflicted on the American people during Obama’s occupation of the White House. It makes sense, in the context of this ploy, that as his fabricated counterpart, Dr. Carson’s campaign was meant to round up voters otherwise disaffected by the elitist faction’s assaults on the God endowed moral premises of our constitutional self-government; and then deliver them to Mr. Trump.

But Dr. Carson’s campaign also helped to fragment such voters during the primaries. Some of Carson’s erstwhile support will consolidate behind Senator Cruz. But if, as now seems likely, the Trump ploy has unstoppable momentum, the next delivery is to come from Mr. Cruz, if he endorses Trump as part of a deal that aims to put Trump in the White House with Cruz, sharp elbows sheathed, as his vice-president. The Trump-Cruz alliance, negotiated if Trump has a strong plurality on the first ballot at the GOP convention, will negate all the chatter about handing the nomination to someone like Paul Ryan.

But by accepting to be Trump’s running mate Cruz will hand Trump just the credibility he needs to pretend that a Trump Administration somehow represents moral conservatives loyal to the U.S. Constitution and its Declaration principles. Trump will then be in a position to achieve exactly the goal the elitist faction most wants to achieve- which is to cast the American Declaration of Independence’s God-acknowledging premises of God endowed equality in unalienable human rights into oblivion.


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