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Belgium attack

Pray for Belgium


Night fell on Brussels, Belgium hours ago, completing a darkness that had overtaken the city when terrorists rocked the small country with a series of deadly attacks. In the wreckage of the airport terminal and underground subway, the world is faced with yet another reminder that the evil of ISIS is not contained to the Middle East — but living and breathing among us.

While Paris’s neighbors try to cope with the nightmarish scene, we stand with Belgium and the many grieving families whose senseless losses continue to send shockwaves through the global community.

As we pray for the victims’ loved ones, the Belgian authorities, and everyone involved, let us also pray for America, which is on the verge of a decision that could impact scenes like this one for generations to come. What happened in Brussels is a reminder of why America must be strong and lead.

When our nation is weak and fails to lead, the world is a much more dangerous place. In November, voters will choose whether we will stay this path or summon the courage to take our rightful place on the global stage.

This next election is about restoring America’s moral foundations at home so that we can once against stand strong internationally. We cannot afford to make a mistake.


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